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    Mulberry Yogurt Icecream (Kem Sữa Chua Dâu Tằm)

    When the weather turns to hot like these days, noone want to eat anything. And this is the reason why I should introduce one of amazing Vietnamese Dessert Recipes like Mulberry Yogurt Icecream (Kem Sữa Chua Dâu Tằm) to all you guys.
    From many simple ingredients you can find in markets, you can create a fantastic Vietnamese Dessert Recipes for yourself and family. Trust me, you will fall in love with this one. So, why don’t we try making it right now?


    300g mulberry
    100ml yogurt (no sugar)
    4 tablespoons condensed milk
    Mould for making icecream

    Step 1: Clean gently mulberry with water added a little salt, wait to get dry.
    Mulberry Yogurt Icecream (Kem Sữa Chua Dâu Tằm) 1 

    Step 2: Pour them into grinder, add more condensed milk, yogurt and grind well.

    Step 3: Grind until it is smooth, then pour into icecream mould, cover carefully and put in fridge in 4 to 5 hours.

    Finally, you finished one of interesting Vietnamese Dessert Recipes. Is it quick to make? If you do not have much time for cooking, I think here is also a good dessert for you. Before serving, you soak icecream mould into warm water, shake firmly few times and then you can take icecream out and serve when it is cold. Have fun and good luck for your cooking.
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