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    5 wonderful bays along Vietnam attract foreign tourists

    Vietnam has many beautiful scenic spots received recognition from prestigious institutions around the world. This summer, you  should spend time to discover the following wonderful bays in Vietnam to relax, enjoy the beauty and get some unforgettable memorable in our lives .

    Ha Long Bay
    Ha Long Bay is located in northeastern Vietnam, is part of the West Coast Gulf of Tonkin, includes the waters of Ha Long City, Cam Pha town, 165 km from Ha Noi. Ha Long literally means Descending Dragon(s). This name is associated with a legend that has been handed down for generations.
    Ha Long Bay consists of numerous islands and peaks of different heights, arranged in a zigzag pattern, like the figure of a dragon splashing in the water. Many islands are named after the figures that they resemble, such as Frog, Elephant, Fighting Cock, Turtle or Roof Island that may appeal to the imagination of tourists.  There are two bigger islands, Tuan Chau and Cat Ba, where there have been permanent inhabitants. Both of them have tourist facilities, including hotels and beaches. There are a number of wonderful beaches on the smaller islands.
    On 11/11/2011, Ha Long Bay was declared by New7Wonders to be one of the seven natural wonders of the new world.

    Lang Co Bay
    Lying between Da Nang and Hue cities, Lang Co Was officially receive the title “Lang Co – beautiful bay of the World” in 2009, Lang Co is ‘Paradise beach’ is great for local and foreign tourists.
    Lang Co Bay has a 13-kilometer long beach with white sand and blue water. The bay adjacent to Hai Van Pass lies in the central area. Lang also has Lap An lagoon which is immense, measuring 800 hectares, the lake has many small hut, the villagers’ fishing boats in the water make up picture of harmony between nature and man.
    Lang Co is also known as the chain of marine diversity, enriching not only create unique beauty to the Gulf beaches but also the venue for the vibrant sea operations with the featured tour as: Coral Diving, fishing, boating, etc. This bay is currently great appointment of the tourists love the tropical sea.

    Nha Trang Bay
    Nha Trang Bay in Khanh Hoa province officially became the 29th member of the “club of “World’s Most Beautiful Bays” club in July/2003.
    Shielded by the 19 Islands, Nha Trang Bay is sheltered and not quite large waves. Nha Trang Bay also has close to 10 Yen Island provides a large economy to Khanh Hoa province.Under Nha Trang Bay, there is an interesting world, named the world’s 350 species of coral, 190 species of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, seaweed.
    Nha Trang Bay is the convergence of mountains, rivers and seas, lagoons and islands, fields, villages… Those things create rich and valuable characteristics of  Nha Trang. This is also a rare natural model of the world bay system, with most of the typical ecosystems of tropical seas.

    Vinh Hy Bay
    Vinh Hy Bay is located in Vinh Hải, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan Province, approximately 40 km from Phan Rang City center.
    Vinh Hy Bay is still pristine with generous gift of nature, majestic white sands surrounded. Beside it, the Hy oasis captivated by the rugged terrain, one side is the sea, and 3 surface vast jungle.
    The Road to Vinh Hy running across the Chua Mountain in National Park, there is a dry forest ecosystem – most rare in our country with abundant organisms.

    Xuân Đài Bay
    Traveling about 45 kilometers to the north of Tuy Hòa city, Phú Yên province, tourists will stop ất Xuân Đài Bay. The surface area of the bay is about 13.000 acres. The estuary of the bay is about 4.4 kilometers wide, with the depth from 7 meters to 18 meters; the bank of the bay is about 50 kilometers long, running through various areas of different terrain with rather interesting names such as Ganh Den (light reef), Mui Da Ong (Laterite Cape), Ganh Den (Black reef), Ganh Do (Red reef), Vung Lam bay, Vung Mam bay, Vung Dong bay…The scenery of the sea, the mountains, the sky and the clouds of Xuan Dai bay together with the famous special foods here such as jumping oysters, perfume snails, shrimps. Near Xuan Dai bay, there are famous landscapes such as Da Dia reef, O Loan lagoon, Cu Mong lagoon, etc, which are ideal places for organizing various types of tourism activities such as mountain climbing, sea-diving, boat-racing, wind-surfing and exploring the sea.
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