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    Golden yellow autumn in Mu Cang Chai

    Golden yellow autumn in Mu Cang ChaiMu Cang Chai is a mountainous district to the Northeast of Yen Bai Province, about 300km from Ha Noi. The name Mu Cang Chai reminds a very remote, poor and difficult place, but now Mu Cang Chai has become a famous to everybody by its breathtaking terraced rice fields which cannot seen in other country.

    Autumn is the best time to visit Mu Cang Chai. The weather becomes cooler, sky turns to blue, cloud becomes whiter, and especially rice paddies turn into yellow color looks like a dazzling soft carpet. The fields turn varying shape with bright color of ripe rice and ethnic Mong farmers’ attire.
    People call autumn is “photo season in Mu Cang Chai” because in this time Mu Cang Chai is most beautiful and attracts a lot of tourists and photographers.

    Golden yellow autumn in Mu Cang Chai 1
    The difference of rice paddies here is that ethnic people grow their rice on the terraced field to prevent water from flowing downhill not like the way in deltas regions. Standing on the mountain high, visitors can see the terrace field yellow sea with a thousand waves.
    The most famous and beautiful terraced rice fields are La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha and Ze Xu Phinh which are recognized as a national heritage in 2007 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vietnam.
    Far from 15 kilometers to the town, La Pan Tan is a highland commune of H’Mong ethnic group. 
    Golden yellow autumn in Mu Cang Chai 2

    Because of its special terrain and fertile soil, it becomes the most amazing rice paddies in the area.
    Visitors can rent a motorbike to discover all ways of this area. On the winding mountain road, covered by cloudy mist, there are high mountains in one side, and in other side there are abysses with the gold “carpet” along slopes. You can go up to Khau Pha Pass which is the highest pass of the Northwest, to take some photos of magnificent scenery and breathtaking beauty.
    Yen Bai province government organizes a terrace rice festival in September and October, to promote the untouched beauty of that 330 hectares terrace rice fields. 
    Coming to Mu Cang Chai this occasion, tourist together with local people reap the harvest in the fields, enjoy the fresh air, relax mind and learn how hard it is to make a rice bowl.
    Beside wonderful nature is idyllic beauty of farmers. Ethnic people are very poor but always worked hard, and diligently. Flickering on the field is red color of the traditional costumes of the Mong people. Many photographer come here just to take picture of some ethnic children who have small statue and naive and cute face with sunny smile.
    Visitors can come to remote village of H’Mong or Nung ethnic, stay with them in stilt houses. At night you can set a fire camp, watch ethnic people dance and sing traditional songs, and eat delicious specialties such as Man pig, sticky rice or black chicken.
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