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    Highlights in charming Moc Chau

    Moc Chau is located in Son La province, in the north of Vietnam, which is about more than 150km from Ha Noi Capital. Tourists, who used to have the opportunity to come Moc Chau in summer or winter, have good impressions about the peace and beauty of this highland. When you come to Moc Chau, you should visit these special places.

    Green Tea Hills
    The whole town of Moc Chau, Son La is surrounded by green tea hills. You will admire the beauty of artificial cause of the human hand. The tea plantation workers have created masterpieces with S-shape, heart-shape tea plantations. Come here with your partner to take wedding photos, love memory photos in heart-shape green tea hills. You will get a lot of meaningful and beautiful pictures.

    Ban Ang Pine forest
    Ang village is located in Dong Son commune, Moc Chau districts; it is famous for a special pine forest and 2 beautiful lakes. Coming to this village we will feel the cool weather, romantic sense, make you think it is Da Lat in the North. Tourist will be completely relaxed when living home-stay in the traditional stilt house hidden inside the green trees, the winding stream.
    Dai Yem waterfall
    Visiting Dai Yem waterfall you will be surprised by the wonderful rush water. You also have chance to harmony with nature; listen to the sounds of the jungle. You will forget all stress and tiredness.

    Tropical garden and strawberries
    If you are romantic or you want to learn about agriculture, Moc Chau tropical flower garden is a must-visit place for you. There are many different flower species, mainly of high quality flowers of a temperate country, orchid flower, lilies or garden strawberries. You can buy some beautiful flower or sweet strawberries with great deal.

    Son Moc Huong Cave
    From Moc Chau town, opposite the road to Son La town of about 300 m, Son Moc Huong Cave is located in the mountains on the right. It is very familiar with the many tourists visiting the Moc Chau. Tourists come here and discover the new magic world inside the cave. The karts cave has thousands years history, that why it consists many stalactites and stalagmites in various shapes and sizes, stimulating imagination of tourists.

    Pha Luong Peak
    It is considered the roof of Moc Chau – Son La. Pha Luang Peak lies approximately 70 km from Moc Chau, located in Tan Xuan, Chieng Xuan with a height of 1500 m. Pha Luong is also a natural boundary between Vietnam and Laos.Because of its height, all the mountain like another world, separate from everything around. On the top there is a large flat area nearly 10 hectares is suitable for sports such as horse riding, walking or climbing. Pha Luong also has a specialty that attracts a lot of young people that is “cloudy”. You come to Pha Luong to release your stress, and stand in “cloudy sea” as being in a paradise.
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