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    Mau Son Peak - Wonderland for who love adventure and exploration

    Mau Son Peak - Wonderland for who love adventure and exploration
    Located in Cao Loc district, Lang Son province, 200 km driving from Ha Noi, Mau Son Peak has a pristine beauty which attracts a lot of tourists who love adventure and exploration. Mau Son is the high mountains of the province, with varied terrain, the average elevation of 800-1000 m above sea level, including a complex 80 large and small mountain with the highest peak Phia Po. Best time to visit Mau Son is December and January, when Mau Son temperature down below O degrees and snow often appears. This is a special attraction to Mau Son tourists in recent years. The cloud usually covers Mau Son’s peak during the season. 
    Mau Son Peak - Wonderland for who love adventure and exploration  1

    Lucky people can arrive here on the time snow falls down. Everything is covered by white snow. There are thin layer of pure white snow on the trees, houses and roads. Tourists can take many beautiful picture of wonderful nature. Other attraction of Mau Son is mysterious houses in the top of the mountain. During the period of French colonization, the French upper class in Vietnam, the French built a military center and some tourist villas there. The time has damaged many buildings, ancient architecture. Now there only remain some homes, the ground, and the old wall full of wild and mysterious. People visit this place will be told some strange, mysterious, interesting stories about those pristine houses.
    Mau Son Peak - Wonderland for who love adventure and exploration  2
    In the spring, this scenery of Mau Son is beautiful and brightly with all kind of flowers which only grow in this plan. You can come to a pink forest of peach blossom. There are many categories, some flower petals are thin as glass, some have strong flavor, some peach blossom shaped like small bell. Besides, in Mau Son, there are other unique flowers such as hydrangeas, azaleas, and vegetables such as chayote, kohlrabi, carrots, fruits such as peaches, plums, papaya. Tourists will enjoy the New Year holidays with their family and friends by harmonizing with greenery nature. If you love to exploring, make yourself riding a motorcycle on the winding road followed mountain pass. It is such a wonderful feeling. 

    Mau Son Peak - Wonderland for who love adventure and exploration  3Cross the paved concrete roads, and trails, we reach the top. Standing on the top, you’ll feel like can hold and touch to the cloud, the road twists up the mountain, the leaf and the grass. Tourist can have opportunity to take some beautiful photos in this paradise scenery. Tourist can easily rent a hotel or hostel here, to be enjoying restful relaxation. However to explore all the beauty of Mau Son, you should trekking to the remote villages. In this place, you will joy working life of Dao people in the field. Local people are very friendly and hospitable. They can give you chance to live in their home without rent money. They will invite you to eat local delicacies, guide you to visit the forests of peach, or the simplicity markets of ethnic. In addition to admiring the majestic scenery, trying the unique dishes of Mau Son is also one of attraction of this place. Famous fruits you can buy as gift are peach and lemon. Peach has blue white color, taste sweet but crisp, with characteristic sweet fragrance. Forest lemon is very clean, safe, and fresh. You can pickle lemon with white salt or honey; it has a good effect in the treatment of sore throat, cough, and cold. Tourists also never forget to try some food made from salmon, frogs which are specialties here. Moreover, Mau Son wine is also a famous drink of Northern Vietnam. Wine is made from rice and pure water, brewed with yeast leaves and use the distillation method appeared hundreds year ago. It is not only a drink, but also invaluable traditional medicine which can help your health a lot.
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