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    Phu Quoc and some must-try specialties

    The pearl island Phu Quoc is the largest island in Viet Nam. It is located in Kien Giang Province, in the Southwest of the country, being about 120km from Rach Gia. Because of its special location, Phu Quoc has many unique foods which are very delicious and cannot found in other places.

    Alcohol Sim Phu Quoc
    Sim is a quite popular plant in many places, especially in the northern mountains, but sim Phu Quoc has its own characteristics and taste. To make alcohol from sim, local people choose fresh and ripe sim, wash and mash, and then ferment them with sugar with fix rata. Keep that liquid in cool air for 40-45days. After processing, product will be a pink wine, taste of little bitter and sweet, with a concentration of about 11.5%.
    Drinking Alcohol Sim in meal helps you feel more delicious, and increase appetite. Moreover, people use alcohol sim as a traditional medicine having effects digestible, increases energy, prevent rheumatology.

    Melaleuca Mushroom Soup Phu Quoc
    Melaleuca mushroom appeared under the Melaleuca trees in the forest of Phu Quoc. It is natural fungus has a short life cycle, so rarely seen in the market. Melaleuca mushroom taste very fragrant, tasty and very healthy so local people often come into the forest picking mushrooms and making food
    They combine harmoniously Melaleuca mushroom with fresh seafood on the island, such as squid, shrimp, oyster shell … creating fantastic Melaleuca mushroom Soup. Tasting Melaleuca mushroom soup, you will feel the sweetness of mushrooms, fragrant of pepper and sea sauce. Mushroom soup bring to you an interesting meal which full of nutrients that you will never forget that.

    Phu Quoc pepper 
    Phu Quoc pepper is known as the best pepper of Vietnam. In there, farmers do not use chemical fertilizer, and they dry peppers under sunlight instead of by machine. Phu Quoc pepper has pungent and aroma and taste stronger other types of pepper come from other regions, which must include red pepper. They collect pepper and divide by hand into 3 kinds: black pepper, red pepper and white pepper. Pepper becomes a local specialty and unique gift for tourists from near and far. Arriving at the garden pepper in harvest season, visitors will be admiring the views of red ripe pepper trees, enjoy spicy fragrance and learn from the farmers who have worked in pepper farm for many generations.

    Banh Tet Phu Quoc
    Banh Tet is very popular in Southern Vietnam, however, in Phu Quoc has private characteristics which different from other types in other regions. The special thing in this cake is covering by Cat Mat leaves. Cooked cakes would have jade color and attractive flavor. Green beans cooked with meat to put inside the cake. Tourists can easy find many Banh Tet in Duong Dong Market or Night Market Phu Quoc. With taste of fat, fleshy, fragrant and cheap price, Banh Tet always attracts every visitor who once arrived in Phu Quoc.

    Fish sauce Phu QuocWith a traditional of over 200 years, Phu Quoc fish sauce is one of the famous sauce not only in Vietnam but also known in many countries around the world. Specially, they make this sauce from totally anchovy and salt. That makes this sauce has high protein, dark puce color and transparency. They can bury sauce underground 2, 3 years for medical treatment. People who used to visit Phu Quoc never forget the bold taste of this special fish sauce.

    Crab noodle, herring salad, sea urchin, crab blood pudding … are special seafood not to be missed in Phu Quoc. Herring salad served as folk dish of fishermen, after the island tourism development, it has become a specialty of this island. Salad made from fresh herring served with grated coconut, sliced onion, red onion, peppers julienne. The components are brought together mixed with sauce made from guava vinegar. Crab noodle bowl looks so attractive with full of mackerel rolls, crab meat and few coriander stalks. Sweet, fragrant soup noodles with white chewy noodle make the taste so amazing. Sea urchin (Nhum) is famous food in Phu Quoc. Visitors do not  need to see the menu in restaurant to choose this dish. Sea urchin Phu Quoc has yellow meat which bold favor of sea. This dish tastes fat, fragrant, make you cannot stop eating. Crab blood pudding has salt and sweet taste, made from sweet liquid excreted from crab. Only in famous restaurant and only skilled chef can make this food. It is so strange for foreign people but it make them never forget this island.
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