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    Touching charming natural scenes of Dien Bien

    Located in the North west Vietnam, Dien Bien Phu is famous over the world as the place the Vietnamese defeated the French army and ended colonial rule. Today, Dien Bien becomes an ideal destination for tourism because of having many beautiful natural scenes.

    Muong Thanh Paddy Field
    Situated in the middle of Dien Bien, Muong Thanh paddy field is not only famous for being largest field in the North West but also for its spectacular natural beauty.
    Arriving Dien Bien in paddy season, you can be surprise by Muong Thanh grant field which has a lush vitality, with a bright green of newly grown rice or golden yellow in sunlight at the ripen rice.
    Now, Dien Bien rice becomes famous in all country and oversea because of small grains, white, tender, fluffy, sweet after cook. Local people created a lot of delicious food from this quality rice such as nuong sticky rice, day cake.

    The Fork border A Pa Chai
    Located in Khoang La San and being westernmost point of Vietnam, A Pa Chai has milestones border demarcating among the three countries Vietnam – Lao – China, where if one cock crowing, people in 3 countries can listen in the same time.
    For a long time, exploring enthusiasts consider A Pa Chai as one of the most interesting and difficult to conquer destination by wild, difficult and dangerous road leading to the top border. Standing in this top border, visitor will be surprise by untouched beauty of high mountains covered by white cloud.

    Pha Din Pass
    Pha Din Pass is one of 4 longest Pass in North West Vietnam; it is natural boundary of Lai Chau and Son La provinces. At the height of above 1,000m, this pass is a real big challenge for any driver. To reach Dien Bien, visitors must pass 32km of twists and turns of the pass.
    Reaching the top of Pha Din, means you arrive at the frontier between Heaven and Earth, because according to local people Pha Din Pass the place where the sky meets the earth, “Pha” means “Heaven”, “Din” means “Earth”.
    Discovering Pha Din Pass and admiring such magnificent scenery is an impressive itinerary gives visitors interesting experiences which is unforgettable.

    U Va Hot mineral spring
    Visiting U Va resort in Noong Luong commune, Dien Bien district, visitors will infatuate the majestic nature and immerse in the hot mineral water that is gift of Mother Nature.
    According to the scientists, hot springs Uva has a big mineral level, average temperatures from 76 – 84º C, very suitable for the treatment of skin diseases, blood circulation.
    Near the spring, there are 3 mountains Nang Non, Tao Non, Pu Huoi close to 2 pretty rivers Nam Rom and Nam Lua. That creates a wonderful charming beauty which visitor will never can forget.

    Pa Khoang Lake
    Located in Muong Phang commune, Dien Bien district, Pa Khoang Lake is like paradise place with beautiful natural sceneries.
    With abundant vegetation, pristine forests and the brightly blooming orchid gardens around the lake, Pa Khoang Lake is suitable for relaxation. If you prefer mystical scenery, you should come in the winter when the lake covered by mist looks like a dreamy landscape.
    On hot summer days, the lake is quite busy to supply water for tens of thousands of hectares of Dien Bien farmland. Many tourists come here to avoid the hit of city because the lake is like a natural air-condition with many timber trees and perennial fruit trees around the lake and islands. Admiring beautiful and charm natural view can help visitors to throw troubles left behind.

    Muong Phang cherry garden
    Situated on the island in the middle of Pa Khoang Lake, Muong Phang is a beautiful garden of cherry trees which mark the friendship between Viet Nam and Japan.
    Standing in this garden, people can think that they are in Japan because of being surrounded fully by the pink of cherry blossoms. With romantic beauty, the Muong Phang cherry garden is compared with paradise Cherry Island in some China fabulous novel. In spring, a large number of visitors come to Dien Bien just to have some amazing pictures in pink broad font.
    In addition, with cool the temperate climate, fresh air, and beautiful nature, this place becomes an ideal destination for who want relax and release all stress of work.

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