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    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city.

    Hoi An – the ancient city is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage town, nowadays has become a very adventurous tourist destination in Vietnam. This city is the cool, peaceful  little town in Central Vietnam with its old communal houses, old  architecture, buildings and trading street. There are also many things that create this unique heritage site that attracts millions of visitors every year.

    1. Lantern Street
    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city.
    Hoi An is well-known for its lanterns. This city is a big centre for paper and silk lantern manufacturers and merchants for a long time. When visiting there, you can not miss such a beautiful masterpiece of this accent town – Seeing lanterns hanging in front of houses or restaurants, shops, market..

    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city. 1Hoi An lanterns are very various, beautiful , impervious to water and easy to clean. The most wonderful time is at night, when all lanterns are lit up. It makes Hoi An street become the most bright night street that you have ever visited.

    2. The Old town scenery

    Hoi An was a busy spice trading center. It used to be an enchanting streetscape of Old  Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese houses, once occupied by merchant whose homes and shop houses have been converted into galleries, antique stores, bars and restaurants.

    The streets are all painted mango- yellow, the nights are lit by colorful lanterns and the architecture,  river life and historic sites remain entirely unscathed.  And a stroll at sunset, cocktails in a character bar, an al fresco dinner at dusk in a riverside café in the Old Town are the ingredients that makes Hoi An an ideal places for all visitors.

    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city.2
    3. Tailoring
    Custom tailoring is a huge industry in Hoi An. There are more than 350 taloring shops and thousands of skilled  tailors are making handmade clothes and  accessories as well. All you have to do is choose any design of clothes or shoes, select material and wait for 3 to 4 hours. Then you will have a perfect fitting and cost a quarter of what you would imagine.

    4. Amazing various foods
    As with most places in Vietnam, the foods in Hoi An is mouth- watering delicious and very affordable.  There are some local specialities you must try are : Cao lau, Xeo cake, Quang Noodles, Sweet gruel, Seafood,  Banh Mi….
    You can also take some cooking class in Hoi An to enjoy and experience the food.  Cook with some famous chefs, learn the secrets behind each Hoi An dishes and try your best to make and bring home those unique Hoi An flavor. It is really cool, right ?
    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city.3
    5. Bicycling and explore the Old Town
    Bicycling around Hoi An and the surrounding area is always a good idea. You can bike through the Old town, beaches, tiny villages and see Hoi An’s countryside.. Sprawling green rice paddies, swaying bamboo, coconut trees, buffalos trotting along the road, Thu Bon river…that is Hoi An.
    Rent a bicycle is quite cheap ( about 2 USD a day ) and then enjoy the warm, humid weather and beautiful sightseeing on Hoi An tours, you definitely have a memorable trip.

    Hoi An and 6 things you only see in this ancient city.4
    6. The nice beaches
    You know, Hoi An is home to one of South – East Asia’s best beaches. We can not help talking about Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach … with un-crowded, white clean sands, lapping waves, warm inviting waters and tiny restaurants serving delicious food and cold beers.. Walking through the white long sand is awesome. Besides swimming, you can have many other choices such as wind surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, diving and so on..
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