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    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!!

    Why choose Danang to be one of famous tourist destinations in Vietnam ? Cause Danang has it all through – wonderful beaches, historic sights, brightly bridges and beautiful landscapes….
    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!!We cannot talking about Danang without talking about  Ba Na hills, Museum of Champa Sculpture, Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, Son Tra peninsula….and this city specialities. Last but not least, we all remember the Han river with 4 famous bridges of Danang, especially Han River Bridge – the symbol for new vitality and the developing desire of the city – was built with the contribution of the entire city’s people.
    Now let’s go to the bottom of this article – to find out some reasons why people should travel to Danang once in their life:
    1. The unique culture
    Danang  is not as big and busy as Saigon, its culture is reflected almost through ancient villages like Non Nuoc stone village, Cam Khe village, An Hai village…. This city is the poetic and beautiful sea city plus the hospitability of the city people and the unique culture make it a frequent destination for domestic and international tourists.

    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!! 1
    2. Amazing scenery
    Because of its locations on the banks of the Han river, just a few miles island from Bien Dong, there are so many breathtaking places in Danang you cannot forget to list in your travel schedule. These are Son Tra Peninsula with some beautiful small islands, Ba Na hills is considered as Sapa, Dalat, Marble mountains – a nice landscape of the southern heaven and earth.
    There are so many breathtaking places in Danang so you can not forget to list in your schedule such as : Marble Moutains, the Museum of Champa Sculpture with its old statues and idols that date back to the long-standing culture of the Champa and many other national relics such as Phuoc Ninh Cemetery, Nam O village, Dien Hai citadel…
    Besides, Danang has the high Hai Van pass with full of perilious obstacles, engraved the most grandiose beauty spots in the world. With Ba Na hills, Hai Van pass is the ideal place to have an overall view of Danang city.
    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!! 2Visitors should not miss the chance to visit and enjoy Danang beaches like Cu Lao Cham, Non Nuoc beach, My Khe Beach…with many exciting activities such as swimming,  fishing, wave surfing and so on.

    3. Great food
    Being favored by nature, Danang has not only many beautiful beaches but also delicious fresh food. This city is famous for nice specialities such as Quang Noodle, Xeo cake, seafood, Griddle cakes and pork, sweet gruel, fresh fish mixed …with the cheap price. All are good in fact. You just give it a try to believe it.

    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!! 3
    4. Wonderful bridges
    Danang is said that the city of the awesome bridges cause this city has up to 4 big bridges : Han river bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon shaped and Thuan Phuoc Bridge– the longest cable –stayed bridge in Vietnam.
    These bridges are really interesting, artistic in their architecture and has its own unique feature and beauty. Try to visit all to see and feel the beauty of not only bridge but also the whole Danang.

    Lovely Da Nang - why not visit right now !!! 4
    5. Hospitable and friendly people
    Danang people in particular and Vietnamese in general, are easy-going, helpful and hospitable. Everywhere you go, you will be welcomed by smiles and helps from locals.
    Tobe honest, Danang city is the combination of wonderful landscape and very friendly people. Let’s visit the beautiful Danang city and feel it.
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