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    Sweet and wonderful activities in Co To island

    Besides Halong Bay, Cat Ba island, Quan Lan…..,Co To island is a famous and attractive place you should visit in Quang Ninh province this summer. This island is an archipelago located in the Gulf of Tonkin, including a large Co To Island, a small Co islands, the island of Thanh Lam, Tran and countless  and small island… with white sandy beach, blue sea and the extremely fascinating tourist activities.

    Beautiful white sandy beaches
    As an island, Co To has no shortage of beautiful beaches, in which there are two famous ones: Hong Van and Van Chay beach lying not very far from Co To town.  Without the crowded scene, Co To island appears with the stretching sandy beaches, the cool and crystal-clear water, especially the blue seawater reflecting the sunlight to make many different shades of blue once the small waves approach the shore.

    The light house
    After visiting beautiful Van Chay and Hong Van beach, there is even a romantic path which leads to the lighthouse, the highest peak of Co To Island.  Only 1km long, this path goes within the pine tree forest full of fresh wild flowers. When you reach that lighthouse, which is 70 metres above sea level, you can hear the breath of the ocean and fill your mind with the peaceful scenery of Co To..

    Stroll in “ the road of Love”
    More than 2 km long, the road is paved with red brick along the coast. It is true when people call it “the road of love” because whether walking or cycling here, it is extremely romantic.

    The sound of trembling poplar, the sea waves, the gentle breezes, the green forest right in front of your eyes, the yellow sunshine and the red bricks, those things will bring you to another world, the world of romance.

    BBQ party on the beach

    This is a favourite choice of many visitors to join island activities at night-BBQ on the beach. Just enjoy yourself with delicious barbecue, sipping on a drink right beside the sea waves constantly rolling into the shore. This wonderful activity is also suitable for a promenade on the sea and watching the moonlight.

    Remember, Large Co To Island has a variety of seafood, ranging from shrimp, crab, shellfish to cuttle fish at reasonable prices. So do not miss the boat to enjoy all types of seafood there, you will remember the taste forever.
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