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    3 awesome Hanoi gifts from noodle you should branch out!

    Noodle (Bun) is one of the most popular main ingredients in many Hanoi foods which create the distinctive pieces of cultural cuisine in the capital. No matter wherever you are, definitely you can’t help remember such delicious foods of the beloved area. Three of them introduced to you today is Bun oc, Bun cha, Bun thang.

    1. Bun oc (Snail rice noodles)
    Noone knows exactly when this simple but tasty food first appeared but for a long time, its popularity is really widespread and always listed in delicious food of Hanoi, especially enjoying in the pavement. Bun oc is a perfectly harmony combination of flavours and color. A bowl of Bun oc is created by the bright red boiled tomatoes, fattened yellow nails, saffron tofu bananas, along with a special flavour: clear and sweet bone soup, a bit sour vinegar and soft noodles. Thin slices of banana flower and fresh raw vegetables are served together, which makes this food more attractive.
    Bun oc is very popular in Hanoi. It appears everywhere, maybe in restaurants or in stalls on streets. It operates actively all day, as a cheap and flavorous meal for anybody.  
    Hanoians often find the familiar addresses for enjoying such as“ba Beo stall” in Hoe Nhai street, Luong’s stall  in Khuong Thuong, or in 530 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho or in Dong Xuan Market.
    Bun oc, simple but flavorous
    Bun oc, simple but flavorous 1

    2.Bun cha (Kebab rice noodles)
    One food owns many versions from many areas across Vietnam is named Bun cha (Kebab rice noodles), which also appeals many customers especially foreigners. In summer, when the fierce heat covers the entire capital, Hanoi, people here often choose such kind of noodle rich in protein and without hot soup. Bun cha is one of the optimal choice.
    The good smelling from grilled pork mixed fresh green vegetables is the most wonderful thing of this food. There are 2 types of kebab: pork pies and grilled chopped meat. If the first is the mixture of minced garlic and onions and soft pork in high quality, the second is a little bit tough and fragrant with burned grease. Sauce is the important factor keeping customers’ foot, every stall has its own secret of making source which can significantly build up its trademark.
    You can drop in the following stalls in: Hang Manh In Old Quarter, Bun cha Sinh Tu (Nguyen Khuyen street), Bun cha que tre_kebab between bamboo stick (Dong Xuan Market) .etc.
    Bun cha, what a smelling of kebab! 2
    Bun cha, what a smelling of kebab! 3

    Bun Thang (Noodles in chicken broth )
    Bun thang is the tradition food in Hanoi families, especially on the occasion of Tet holiday. The food is very flavourful and colorful but it fully brings the refine cuisine of Hanoi. To make a good bowl of Bun thang is harder, so the number of stalls is smaller than ones of Bun oc (Nail rice noodle) or Pho Bo (noodle of beef). The ingredients for Bun thang is plentiful, nearly 20: slices of eggs, shredded chicken, Lean pork paste, mushroom, raw vegetables .etc. The soup is clear and sweet due to pig bone and dried shrimps.
    Addresses of Bún thang for your seeking in Hanoi include Đức’s stall on 48 Cầu Gỗ, stall in Lương Văn Can street or along streets in Old Quarter .etc.
    Bun cha, what a smelling of kebab! 4
    Bun cha, what a smelling of kebab! 5

    Where are you? We are waiting for you to discover Hanoi and enjoy these very very delicious foods. If you forget, contact our company Vietnam Typical Tours right today to have this journey. 
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