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    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi

    Very few people in Hanoi know when street peddling first appeared. But there is no doubt that when talking about life of the thousand-year-old city Hanoi, the image of street vendors with shoulder poles or old bicycle has long been familiar to people here, sticking to the culture of the capital of Vietnam.
    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi
    Every morning, when waking up, we can easily catch women with colorful seasonal flower baskets or maybe diverse fruits from their countrysides. No matter whatever seasons or climates are and how fierce they are, street vendors always work hard with desire of a good life.
    Baskets of street vendors- Never 1old to Hanoi
    Baskets of street vendors always vary to seasons. When summer comes with the fierce heat, It is so interesting to enjoy kind of milky, cool and soft “tao pho” which is skillfully taken from a small wood box by street vendor. Or maybe in the middle of autumn with the comfortable sunlight and a little bit cool wind, dining Com (new sticky rice grain) little by little can make you “fly” because of its softness and stickiness, especially its typical smelling. In winter, we can gather around stove, bake corns in the pavement and forget the chilly wind from the North.
    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi 2
    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi 3
    Vending on street is a job of earning for survival like others. Hawkers choose it because of their little capital. Although they spend a lot of time and power on this job, it is not profitable and their worry about many privations in life seems to have never disappeared.
    Most of vendors are from small provinces or the outskirts of Hanoi. Everyday, in the very early morning, they have to wake up and hurry up with their goods to the big streets of Hanoi. These people have different lives and conditions. Day by day, they are enduring and wrapped up in their work, with the familiar pitch “Who buys…?”. With the very small amount of money earned after a day of working hard, women carry their shoulder poles of good, burden of their life and their kids’ future and a part of Hanoi culture.
    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi 4
    Hanoi may be older or more modern, but the image of street vendors with heavy shoulder poles of goods will be never old. It has become something very familiar to Hanoians and furthermore the distinctive trait of the capital city that anyone far from Hanoi all surely remember. When restaurants, coffee shops or lights galore are mushing in the hustle of city, vendors' bicycles or shoulder poles with full of fruits, flowers or foods is the thing storing the Vietnamese culture in the thousand-year-old capital.
    Baskets of street vendors- Never old to Hanoi 5
    Maybe the image melts your heart, which encourages you discover Hanoi and people here. Join our tour around Hanoi and surely it will go beyond your expectation. Of course, it is positive.

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