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    Non La of Chuong Village, Beauty of Vietnamese women may lie there

    If foreign tourists ask me when Vietnamese women are the most charming, I will confidently reply that it is when we are dressing Ao dai along with Non la (leaf conical hat) which sticks to Vietnamese culture and mind of people. Across the country, from the North to the South, there are many well-known Non La-making areas, each of which has its own beauty and style. Of the reputable trademarks, it can not be mentioned to Non la in Chuong Village of tradition craft located in Thanh Oai Dist, Hanoi because of high-quality and delicate hats.
    Non La of Chuong village-charm and beauty

    Making Non La is the traditional job in Chuong Village, which has existed over 300 years up to now. Nobody in the village do not know exactly who is the ancestor of this traditional craft. People here are only told when Non la first appeared and how it has become closely attached to the land with rich culture and tradition. Such white Non la was ever used as an indispensable items for beauty by queen and princesses in the feudal regime. In the past hundred years, along with Ao dai, Non la has built up the charm and beauty of Vietnamese women and made a strong impression on international friends.
    Non La of Chuong village-charm and beauty 1

    Coming to Chuong village, we can easily recognize the image of the traditional old village: space of yards for drying white hat or materials in the sun. It is not as busy and dynamic as other traditional craft villages but Chuong village has its own peacefulness. A unique piece of Chuong Village lie in the rural markets which gather sessions of the day 4th, 10th, 14th, 20th, 24th and 30th in lunar calender and only display one typical product of village, Non la which are arranged in long heaps. The color of white combined the pink on the girls’ cheeks in a big laughter create a happy atmosphere mixed full of Vietnam’s countryside tradition.

    To make such beautiful leaf hats, few people know Non la makers spend much time and power on them. First is choosing leaf. Lui leaves are taken for makers to rub in sand, then dry the sun until their green turn into the silvery white. A large cloth is put under leaves and ploughs are employed to flat leaves without being crisp or torn. Circles around hats are made of bamboos tapered and all of them are so alike. Chuong village’s hat has 16 layers to keep its long-lasting quality but charming. Next, trim leaves in circles and sew carefully. Hats then are put near fire of matches to make hats white and restrain mould.
    Non La of Chuong village-charm and beauty 4
    Non La of Chuong village-charm and beauty 5

    The leaf hats are more beautiful and sophisticated when being decorated inside hats with design of flowers or landscapes of Vietnam. Besides, a string of silk are tied in two sides of hats makes girls more elegant and charming and also protect people from rain or sunlight. Nowadays, people in Chuong village are not only proud of their traditional craft which is preferred popularly but more and more foreigners coming here so often regard this place as their ideal destination in trips to Vietnam.
    Non La of Chuong village-charm and beauty 6

    You are tourists to Vietnam and you want to have an interesting journey to Chuong village and enjoy whatever belongs to this place. Our company Vietnam typical tours will offer you a full tour package with a reasonable price. Absolutely you will be satisfied and hope one day we will be friends in all your trips to Vietnam.  

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