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    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days

    If someone asks me when Hanoi is the most beautiful in a year, my answer is Autumn. Yes, Autumn of Hanoi is really amazing and it can bring people here a peaceful feeling because its cool weather with gentle sunlight lying in on the shoulders of the charming girl. That time seemingly wakes up lotus blooming or maybe the daisy showing off its yellow color. Every corner of Hanoi streets are being changed and make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days

    Strolling in the sidewalk of the Old Quarter, especially in the morning is really an interesting experience. The atmosphere always creates the private space for each people for easily thingking of what they do or letting their mind take it easy before starting a new life. Morning in the autumn is very different from the one in the summer. It is cooler, exactly colder and can feel the taste of the flowers blooming. It is very clear. Gazing the old house along the streets and bicycles with colorful flowers will be the inspiration for a day. Peaceful and lovely.
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days 1

    Sometimes, some rains come and go unexpectedly and leave the quietness for the city. Sitting in coffee shop, you will smell the damp mossy smelling of the old house and Milk Flower (temporarily called such that) gives off a rich aroma, which sometimes make everyone uncomfortable, even they complain: “it can murder me” because these trees are planted everywhere. But in fact, this scent is not really bad. Even it is considered as the signal of Hanoi autumn. Oh, one thing which is very typical for this season is Com (green sticky rice). You will be addicted with this dish because of its stickiness and slight sweetness. When you hear “who buys Com”, follow that voice and you will know that you are the luckiest in the world. Do you believe me?
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days 2
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days 3

    In the afternoon, you can walk on Phan Dinh Phung street which is regarded as one of the best road in Hanoi, with the view to feeling the coolness and smoothness of the Autumn. The girl and boy students laugh and chat, making a big loud in a corner of this street. With an iced lemon tea and snacks are enough for you to enjoy the feeling which is the combination of the busy city and the peacefulness of the season bringing.
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days 4
    A peaceful Hanoi on the first autumn days 5

    The Hanoi Autumn has a lot of things to discover. Hnoi is not only an ancient city but it is gentle and peaceful, which lure our feeling in the fast-paced flow of this modern life. You are a very busy person who are always under a lot of work pressure and wanna extricate from it? Go with VietnamTypicalTour for have a good time to restart an amazing energy for your job.

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