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    Com and Sau, a rustic culinary gift of Hanoi Autunm

    The autumn of Hanoi has been regarded as the most beautiful and expected season in a year. It is not exaggerated to say that the autunm is like an attractive girl which can steal the heart of artists because this season makes a big contribution to a lot of their works but never becomes out-of-date. In fact, Hanoi autumn brings two special culinary gifts which can not be found anywhere. What are they? 
    Amazing culinary gift of Hanoi Autunm

    The first gift inevitably mentioned is dracontomelum fruit. Why can I say? Because in Hanoi, this fruit is really appreciated as a food for everyone, especially students here. The current consumption is too big that dracotomelum fruits have to be imported from other provinces across Vietnam such as Hai Duong, Nam Dinh .etc. A seemingly simple and rustic fruit can be used for making tasty foods. Let me tell you. Rubbed ripe fruits usually go along with peppered salt, which has long become a cup of tea for everyone. Its inherent sour taste combining a bit sweet taste remains long in the tip of tongue creating an unforgetable feeling. Besides, this fruit also can create a kind of drinking which not only Hanoian but also people across Vietnam have a big fancy for it. Especially on the hot days, a glass of this gift can cool down heat of the tropical country. The sweet fragrant taste with ice is a perfect mixture which can hit anyone. 

    Amazing culinary gift of Hanoi Autunm 1
    The second popular gift can not be anything but Com (green rice flakes). Actually, planting rice is a main job of Northern areas of Vietnam because the Southeast Asian country is well-known for agriculture. However, perhaps only does Hanoi own this wonderful culinary gift. You know, young rice grains are harvested, roasted and grounded down to become Com. They are put into a large firing pan and stirred slowly with a specific time. The green color of grain will not gradually exist and be replaced by an unexpected yellow color. To enjoy Com, the advice here is chewing it slowly to feel the stickiness of young rice and fragrant taste. Ripened yellow bananas and sweet potato (batata) will be the perfect combination in the gentle sunlight of autumn. Oh, forgot! People also can us Com for making a lot of yummy food such as fried spring rolls or steamed Com with free-range chicken or even Com ice-cream (Trang Tien ice-cream popularly). Amazing, isn’t it?
    Amazing culinary gift of Hanoi Autunm 3
    The autunm is coming near and surely you are looking forward to wandering around Hanoi and enjoying the gift God gives. Don’t be hesitate. Register Hanoi Tour package of our company Vietnam Typical Tours. You will be very satisfied.

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