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    Even summer must run away! Who causes?

    Now is summer. You can say no with dressing because “it is such hot weather, why am I supposed to get on clothes”. But you can not do this with drinking for cooling down the heat. So, if you live in Hanoi, it is a good luck since this place is home to numerous beverages. Follow Vietnamtypicaltour to find down what they are.

    This simple and fresh dish has long become absolutely familiar with Hanoian every summer. White and smooth tofu mixed with fragrant sugar tend to be more delicious when being modified along with Jelly Donut, lotus seeds, ice-cream, seed pearls, aloe vera, dried coconut .etc. This can cover all customers’ taste and thank to it, tofu is a cup of tea for everyone. You can find this dish in every corner of Hanoi, such as Bach Mai, Xa Dan, Hang Luoc, or other Old Quarter streets .etc. At the time do You hear the voice raising: “Who buys Tofu”, you can run for seller and enjoy this wonderful gift right on street. It is OK because it is one of cultural piece of Hanoi.
    drinking for cooling down the heat

    Pickled tropical fruits
    Many people must be afraid of mixing diverse fruits because it will help them drop in restroom several times. Don’t worry. With pickled tropical fruits, many people try on and there is nothing negatively happening but they feel very satisfied with this “solid”drinking. Being made from many tropical fruits such as mango, water melon, apple, dragon fruit or grapes and so on, this balanced collection always brings people a strange feeling due to the sweetness, sourness of different fruits, yogurt and coconut milk and colorful image of them. You can go to shops on To Lich street or Le Thanh Nghi street or even drop by any shops nearby.
    drinking for cooling down the heat 1

    Jackfruit yogurt
    Jackfruit yogurt is one of the top options among the young in Hanoi. Wandering around the capital, you can easily catch up any shop of this “cooling weapon”. The yellow color of jackfruit mingled with fresh and fragrant yogurt, jelly donut and seed pearls is the highlight of this kind of drinking. It is advisable for you to enjoy many ingredients at the same time but slowly. It is really amazing. A bowl of jackfruit with 15.000VND is worth choosing for this summer. Because it is popular, you can ride bike and seek a favorable place for jackfruit yogurt.
    drinking for cooling down the heat 2

    Sugar cane juice
    Honestly, sugar cane juice is my favorite for every summer because its sweet liquid, a little bit kumquat fruit for tastiness with ice always helps me firstly slake my thirst quickly and secondly my hunger. The heat and sunlight always makes me exhausted and this juice is my fellow on my way back home. Drinking sugar cane juice is also useful for our health. A glass of this juice is quite cheap, ranging from 8.000VND to 10.000 VND. Of course, you can easily capture any shop around Hanoi.
    drinking for cooling down the heat 3

    If you are on the way to school or work, you feel tired of the heat and dust, go right straight to any shops for cooling down and enjoy. They will help you relax a lot. Vietnamypicaltour have no habit of lying.

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