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    5 helpful tips when traveling Halong Bay

    Halong Bay is a top destination in Vietnam, attracted many domestic and foreign tourists. Here are some tips when traveling Halong.

    1. Spend at least two nights on the Bay

    5 helpful tips when traveling Halong Bay 1

    If you just take a day to tour Ha Long Bay, you just feel the surface of this beautiful land. With just one day, you're just surfing through several caves and come out right. But if you spend more time exploring this place, you will have a really interesting experience. Once took a long way to come here, your trip will be worth more if you spend two nights on the Bay.

    2. Visit Cat Ba Island

    5 helpful tips when traveling Halong Bay 2

    Another reason you should spend at least two nights here: you can visit the beautiful Cat Ba Island, have a free afternoon hike to the fort Shen Gong, the most favorite part of the whole trip. The scenery is spectacular! If you do not like walking, can rent a motorbike or afternoons spent by the beach.

    3. Catch the safety information on the boat

    Hope this is not a problem of the trip but let your safety above all. Make sure you know where lifejackets are set to be able to get used when necessary. And a little attention when kayaking, do not arbitrarily change the direction it please!

    4. Climb the mountain

    5 helpful tips when traveling Halong Bay 3

    If you are a traveler you like sightseeing can think this is a dangerous activity, but do not just think so offline. Take the time to participate in activities climbers conquer the mountains here. When you are up to a certain height, the magnificent scenery which will be displayed to make sure you will not want to return below it. If you are on the island of Cat Ba or Bai Tu Long Bay, try to spend some time hiking offline! Surely when you would wish to have more time to climbing it!

    5. Talk to the tour guide

    5 helpful tips when traveling Halong Bay 4

    Chat with the guides here, you will be given a lot more interesting information that can so many people unaware. They will talk to you a lot about life here and above all is the culture of the people around Bay.

    These are small but certainly advice that will make you get a tour of Halong Bay more perfect, more wonderful and unforgettable more.

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