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    5 reasons to travel Co To island

    Co To island - emerging islands of Quang Ninh tourism. Summer to Coto is the most popular choice. There are many reasons you and your family should choose Coto but 5 most fundamental reason:

    1. Coto Island very modern

    5 reasons to travel Co To island 1

    Today the island has been equipped with a complete electrical system and free Wi-Fi coverage throughout the island. This resort is gradually being planned by the standards of an international tourist destination, professional enabling visitors to easily explore the island gem.

    2. Itinerary explore Coto is not just down to the sea but also the woods

    5 reasons to travel Co To island 2

    With a destination you can watch the sunrise in the early morning and sunset purple sunset over the sea when it is an extremely great. Do not just stop there you can explore the primeval forests Denial Co To Island, the lighthouse, the beach Van Chay, Hong Van. You also experience the night camping on the island Thanh Lan, starfish journey, enjoy special dishes at the barbecue island.

    3. Seafood Island is famous Coto

    5 reasons to travel Co To island 3

     Coming to Coto you are enjoying a lot of dishes made from fresh seafood such as squid a sunny, nail screws, you can buy as a gift when traveling. Not only that you can also enjoy specialty BBQ Grill with special flavor and delicious. To ensure that it is possible to enjoy the most delicious specialties here, remember to ask Coto travel experiences  of those who have come here offline. You will be extremely useful advice there.

    4. Coto Park water park attraction

    5 reasons to travel Co To island 4

    Water park is a combination amusement park in the island's first underwater Coto promises the experience extremely interesting and different for travelers to Coto. Park was built in Hong Van beach area includes many items attractive recreational works and attract young people such as climbing over the sea, kayaking, obstacle course, playground  for children, water volleyball ... imagine you 're traveling Coto  was playing the game exciting and extremely attractive with family and friends. It's great, right?

    5. Take a walk on the path of love

    5 reasons to travel Co To island 5

     It is a red-tiled path stretching along the coast, beautiful scenery and a poetic lyricism, is extremely ideal places you in to him biking or walking on this path. Rustling sea waves along the green trees will be a worthy spectacle to enjoy and enjoy.
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