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    Beware of jellyfish in the summer on Halong Bay

    Jellyfish are normally found in oceans, lakes and streams around the world, and Halong Bay in Vietnam with emerald and tropical seawater is not an exception. Summer on Halong Bay, which lasts from May to August, is such ideal time not only for kayaking and swimming, but also for jellyfish to thrive due to their love with warm and salt water. There are many kinds of them, some jellyfish can be eaten, and are very popular on the menu in many Asian countries, while other jellyfish are dangerous to humans and should be left alone.

    Beware of jellyfish in the summer on Halong Bay 1

    1. Before kayaking or swimming

    You can easily avoid most jellyfish stings by being noticed about the risks and taking precautions on shore and in the water. When you’re on a Halong Bay cruise, there is a man/lifeguard of our staff always standing on the small boat to notice the guests staying away from jellyfish areas. You’d better listen to him to choose the right place to kayak or swim.

    2. And remember, do not touch jellyfish that have washed ashore.

    Beware of jellyfish in the summer on Halong Bay 2

    When they are washed ashore they look like a plastic bag or some strange thing. Even if the jellyfish is dead, its poisonous cells can still cause a sting! So if you are not sure whether or not it is a dead jellyfish, please do not touch it all. Especially with family traveling with children, they’re always curious about everything on the shore.

    3. Wear protective creams/lotions and wear wetsuit

    Nowadays, there are many kinds of creams/lotions, which protect you both from the sunshine and even jellyfish in the water. Applying one of these lotions before you go in the water can be a good additional precaution.

    Wear a wetsuit. A good wetsuit will keep you warm in the cold water and a perfect coverage from jellyfish swimming around. The thick material of a wetsuit will cover a large amount of your skin, makes it an effective preventative to jellyfish stings.

    4. Leave the water immediately if you see or suspect a jellyfish.

    Often, you can see jellyfish so easily in the water. They may look like a plastic bag or balloon floating at the surface of the water, and they may come in groups. If you see a jellyfish in the water, calmly but quickly return to shore to avoid stings. Then inform to the lifeguard immediately to have precautions to other swimmers.

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