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    Top 5 seafood should try when traveling to Cat Ba

    Not only that visitors ecstatic by beautiful scenery, Cat Ba Island also attracted by the food "to eat once is remembered".

    1. Cat Ba Rice vermicelli with shrimp

    If the crab cakes are specialties Haiphong Cat Ba, when mentioning that no one can forget the shrimp noodle dish. Whole sea shrimp, peeled and fried until the meat hunting. Vermicelli laid out bowls, add a few shrimp, slices of fried fish, fried golden guise leaves nursery, at Colocasia gigantea sliced, pinch of onions laksa, it is then security chan lu freshwater from the bones

    2. Surface appearance

    Superficial surface is a type of seafood is processed into delicious favourite in Cat Ba. The superficial appearance here is quite large, and promised myself make the meat, can cleaning up with beer, lemon grass, cut a small spine and then separated meat eating. Or can also roast salt, stacking up the disk and then covered over with a layer of non-fragrance shallot makes people difficult to those also could not resist.

    3. Sam the sea

    Sam the Sea also known as horseshoe crabs, though they do not have the same shape as the crab species. Do not be pets that are caught in the wild, this dish is to ensure the source, always fresh. The meat dish is exotic medium sam, medium rich in nutrition. Sam in Cat Ba is usually processed into many of the dishes, soup, spring roll, fried, fried, baked flour sack … eaten with hot spices like galangal, lemon grass, chili.

    4. Fish Song

    Fish Song in Cat Ba is caught naturally. With white meat, delicious taste and high nutritional content, this fish is considered one of the dishes on the island. Grouper are the restaurants here cooked into porridge, hot pot, cleaning, making mud, baked or steamed with soy sauce. The dish would taste delicious and also featured, not mixed with any other type of fish. You can find food in some seafood crowded on the Landslide an April.

    5. Tu comedy

    Tu comedy, or geoduck, the dish is much men love by rumors about the possibility of this majestic ocean krill. Tu comedy is Cat Ba island regional specialties with meat soft and chewy. The people of Cat Ba special seafood processing in many ways such as making shellfish, cooked porridge, baked with lard, onions, pepper, garlic flavored tingle the nose up.
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