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    Cai Beo fishing village - famous ancient village in Vietnam's largest

    Cai Beo Fishing Village ( near Ben Beo harbour) is one of the famous ancient village in the country's largest prehistoric. This is a fishing village of about 300 houses living mainly by fishing and seafood farming. Cai Beo village is just about 2 km from Cat Ba town, also 2 km to Monkey Island Resort. You can come here by taxi or moto taxi then go by small boat to visit the village.  The scenery here is very beautiful with hundreds of floating houses staying under the islets like a stone garden.

    The fishing village Beo distribution is broad , about 18.000m2 . Residents in Cai Beo settlement evolved over time from the Neolithic to the Bronze Admin . From hunting and gathering , fishing to agricultural settlement is considered the cultural development to Cai Beo culture and Ha Long . The first inhabitants in Cai Beo indigenous origin , are likely descendants of ancient culture of Hoa Binh - Bac Son . Cai Beo culture and movement , to develop cultural Halong unique Bronze Age northeast coast .

    On 5/12/2006 unearthed the involvement of reputable scientists , at the end of the first excavations 1/ 2007 obtained from 10 holes are 137 stone artifacts , pottery shards 1,424 cash using 568 specimens and animal remains and marine mollusk shells . Analysis showed that the combination of artifacts collected are made ​​from granite and ceramic twisted rope crude stamping , no se , fish bones , shells , sea oyster shell size ...

    This evidence suggests Cai Beo is the residence of the ancient fishermen . This is an ancient fishing village beach is the largest scale known in Vietnam . The analysis also shows , about 7,000 years ago , Cai Beo people living primarily due to sea fishing and caught scallops , oysters . They maintain that life to 4,500 years ago .

    Note: Ben Beo harbour is the place where you start your boat to go visiting Lan Ha bay or Monkey Island.
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