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    Cap Sac festival of Dao people in Ha Giang

    According to traditional customs of the Dao festival Cap Sac is a special ceremony just for men It is similar to thanh dinh ceremony of the Mong people which marks the maturity of a man in a family, which remains preserved intact and retain value. In Ha Giang, Dao people live in families in so many different ways the celebrated Cap Sac festival also has the distinction. But for meaningful Cap Sac festival of Dao people is the ritual commandments friendly towards humans, doing evil absolute hydrophobic. Cap Sac festival of Dao people focused mainly on the part of social ritual so somewhat fainter but no less unique and attractive.

    Cap Sac festival of Dao people in Ha Giang 1

    Dao’s concept,if not man underwent Cap Sac festival, even though it is still considered young and old children who are still sharp,even at age level is still regarded as an adult,is assisting the shaman and participate in the important work of the village system. Cap Sac festival usually held in November, December or January each year. To the Dao Do, Dao Tien is made holidays ages 12-30, sometimes up to the old and each color can supply a maximum of 13 people at the head of their.Dao Ao Dai is celebrated from 11-19 years old and each color is only granted to a person in their home. Recipients must abstain holiday feast before they sing, argue, sleep together,…and family to prepare pork,rice, wine, clothes to cater for shaman rituals and entertained villagers. 

    Cap Sac festival of Dao people in Ha Giang 2

    Each Dao have a group of excellent grade level: Dao Do and Dao Ao Dai 7 provide light, Dao Tien 3 provide light. In ceremony has 6 shaman ritual undertaken various.Before the ceremony the shaman will worship their ancestors ghost in my house. At the ceremony,they hang paintings Ngoc Hoang and the gods of the Dao, establish ancestral altars and altar recipient of divine ceremonies. Cap Sac festival has many rituals as the lighting ceremony,holiday tree lamp,down lamp ceremony,the ceremony presenting the Ngoc Hoang, issued identity holidays.thanksgiving and ancestral spirits,…Dao Ao Dai also has a rather special ritual ceremony is creature:the collection of real estate will have to sit,fingers toes caught in about an hour and then gently push the shaman falls into a hammock 3-4 people support. The teachings of ritual is performed by an oath in the presence of the ancestors should be valuable. Intertwined with the ritual is the traditional dance soft,lively young women are shown Dao. After the ceremony ened shaman complex will unto me wonderland, divine.

    Cap Sac festival always a beauty,a very private soul of Dao ethnic valuable and respectful.
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