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Tet 2018
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    Celebration of the Lo Lo’s new house in Ha Giang

    Lo Lo people in Ha Giang distributed in Lung Cu, Sung La, Lung Tao and the Dong Van town. In a year, Lo Lo people have a lot festivals, but the celebration was the festival indispensable in people’s daily life.

    Celebration of the Lo Lo’s new house in Ha Giang
    Lo Lo people building homes very carefully. When ready home construction materials, Lo Lo people often choose a good ground and the age of the selected direction for all the wrong house. They must reference the following criteria:first, behind, left, right, first of all to find held paint, according to ground intravascular probe to find a place “style condenser museum”seven grain then buried down there, three open days, see grain hatch, chew and is not moving,the place that the vitality and good. At pylons,roofing, Lo Lo people are watching day time and pray for peace ceremony. They believe that doing so will help the house was built without risks,uncertainties. Entering new house, homeowners have invited the whole village to celebration the new home and entertain, good words and good attention to please report. The presence of sufficient village, accompanied by a maid shaman to sling a hammer, all, chisels, knives, a packet of rice, a bottle of wine, a packet of meat,each pillar to pray shaman. Astral finished the call tree, call the host and shaman to host sang about the old house built.

    Celebration of the Lo Lo’s new house place is simple but very fun,warm love flowing villages. Woman packets of sticky rice, wine jars man basket to celebrate the owner. Whole village eating,to sing and play many night games as blowing praise,arm wrestling and folk songs all night.

    Celebration Lo Lo’s new home is an expression of the spirit of solidarity, mutual assistance and cultural traditions of the nation.
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