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    Coming to Ha Giang enjoy Thang Den cake

    Amid the idyllic,peaceful land of fog and windy uplands felt warm spread of thang den bowl is not diners do not conquered.

    Coming to Ha Giang enjoy Thang Den cake
    Thang Den cake, which is one of the delicious dishes in Ha Giang Tours, is often eaten in the winter. Therefore, when the cold wind blows, people start making it. At first glance, it looks like Troi Tau cake in Hanoi, or Cong Phu cake in Lang Son. However, Thang Den cake is different from these above two cakes in the way it is made and its flavours. Once visitors enjoy it, they will feel warm inside and never forget it.

    It is made from the aromatic sticky rice which grows in the terrace. The sticky rice is rinsed several times before being soaked overnight. The following morning, it will be grounded into batter. Then it will be put into a cloth bag, and hung up until it drains. The cake makers take the powder out of the bag and roll the powder to make small balls which are the same size as a thumb tip. After that, they put the balls into a pot and boil them until they float. Then they take them out of the pot, and put them into a bowl with the sugar syrup. Spreading sesame seeds, shredded coconut, and peanuts evenly makes the bowl of Thang den cakes more attractive and delicious

    This dish is similar to the Rice Ball sweet soup, but it’s different in the process. This Sweet soup is made from glutinous flour, cane sugar, coconut juice, ginger and roasted peanuts. It’s so great that tourists can enjoy it in the winter. 
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