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    Cultural identity of ethnic Mong in Ha Giang

    Mong ethnic has a population concentrated in the north of Viet Nam. Along with other ethnic, Mong people in Ha Giang have unique cultural traits contribute to diverse, unique cultures in our country.

    Cultural identity of ethnic Mong in Ha Giang 1

    Mong people in Ha Giang are often socially aloof and they have the head of people undertake the work. Daily life of the Mong is milpa shifting cultivation, they grow corn, potatoes, upland rice, vegetables…and have the delicious fruits as apple, peach. plums, pear,…Mong daughter developed a variety of crafts and especially famous for weaving. These girl are beautiful and cleverly adorned in traditional costumes of ethnic groups have colorful dresses, bibs, belts, scarf accompanied by the many other jewelry. The people often say that Mong’s costumes beautiful and unique but perhaps also because real beauty and cleverly of the girl of Mong is also clearly expressed here. Image daughters, son of Mong led the horse carrying cargo to the fair in the morning or leaving markets at sunset have made me feel peaceful life and simple too.

    Cultural identity of ethnic Mong in Ha Giang 2

    The Mong also have many exciting festival and special usually held in early spring and mount for boys and girls have predestined. When growing social and cultural introduction many countries to protect and preserve the unique cultural of Mong people is extremely important.
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