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    Ha Giang Stone Bryophyte

    For many years, bryophyte is regarded as the aquatic without effects. However, ethnic people in Xuan Giang commune, Ha Giang province, bryophyte is considered as special food. The food is made from it called “que”. This is not only delicious dish but also good for health. 

    Ha Giang Stone Bryophyte
    According to local people, when looking bryophyte, they usually choose the fresh and great bryophyte. Then, it is cleaned and then is processed into many dishes. The bryophyte exists in 7 days, when it grows up to 3-4 days people should pick up right away.

    Good bryophyte is less and it can eat depend on season, so it is precious dish. Bryophyte can be processed into many dishes such as fried bryophyte, dried bryophyte but the most unique dish is bryophyte mixed with spices and then grilled.

    When grill, people cannot turn it several times but grill one side then grill the other. Since bryophyte dish depends on season people often make dried bryophyte. Special customers are eaten the special dish: dried bryophyte. Grilled bryophyte not only is favorite food of ethnic people but also can cure many diseases, help blood circulation, detoxification, heat stability, blood stability and strengthening resistance.
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