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    Hoang Su Phi market

    The Hoang Su Phi market is crowded with traders only on Sunday morning, from 6 am till mid day. The market is right at the foot of Tay Con Linh Mountain. There has been a new building to host all traders, shops and restaurants. However all traders tend to sit outside, along the road, as it is more easily accessed than in the building.

    Hoang Su Phi market 1

    It seems that all ethnic groups in Hoang Su Phi district has used the market for trading, from small items like vegetables to pigs, chickens, eggs, clothes and strong alcohol. Visitors will be surprised by seeing traders from such ethnic groups as the Nung, Dao, Dao Ao Dai and Co Lao.

    The amazing thing about these traders is they have all walked for tens of miles, far in the forest, from the very early morning, in order to get to the market. For them, it is not the trading that matters, but the opportunity to meet and greet other friends that matter. The social purpose is more important than trading.  Most ethnic groups are poor, and therefore they can afford to buy or trade basic things for livelihoods. They tend to buy supplies that help their family survive for one week. 

    Hoang Su Phi market 2

    The most interesting corner of the market is probably the alcoholic shops where people trade, buy and drink strong spirits. Almost all people could drink, and even though there is no food to eat, on average a person can drink half a litre. In the middle of the day, when people start to go home, the market is empty, and only few drunken people are left. And this is the characteristic of the ethnic groups living in Hoang Su Phi district.

    Hoang Su Phi market 3

    Visiting the market, one will be charmed by a distinctive aroma of Mac khen, a spicy like pepper floating in the air, which is brought to the market by Dao girls from Luoc Hamlet. Here, there is also the aroma of Thao qua (Fructus Amomi Tsaoko) of Mong girls in San Xa Ho Commune.

    The market in Hoang Su Phi is really an interesting destination for those who want to learn about distinctive cultural features and the strange customs of ethnic people in the mountainous area of Ha Giang.
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