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    House Of Pao In Dong Van Plateau

    After the success on screen, "House of Pao" became the destination not to be missed on the exploration of Dong Van stone plateau (Ha Giang). Sung La is no longer a strange name to lowland visitors each time coming to Dong Van. Also known as "Flower of the Plateau", Sung La attracts tourists because of its rustic beauty and the tranquility of the highland, particularly seen in a small village named Lung Cam.

    House Of Pao In Dong Van Plateau 1

    Located between the romantic valley, surrounded by grand stone mountains, Lung Cam Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism is the habitat of more than 60 households, mainly Lo Lo, Mong and Han. The road to Lung Cam is no longer off-the-beaten-track, but it still has a wild beauty. At first sight, you can probably come across the green maize field and the roses drenched in night dew. You will enjoy the scenic route to the village with many women selling goods on the pavement and children playing around. But perhaps the most impressive things to tourists are the houses with ancient wall in Lung Cam. Rustic color is the most easily recognized feature of those 100-year-old houses in this Rose Valley. The yin-yang tiles are covered with moss, but the walls and the stone fences surrounded seem intact. This timeless beauty makes these houses become the inspiration of many creative photographers and directors.

    House Of Pao In Dong Van Plateau 2

    Since being chosen as the background for the breathtakingly beautiful footage in "Story Pao's Story", the famous house of Mong people was once well-known, now becomes the most interesting destination in Lung Cam village. Located between the arid plateaus, "Pao's house" is like a miniature painting of the Mong’s daily life with natural beauty and mysterious charm. The entrance leads to the house across a weed meadow. Coming in the buckwheat blooming season, you can have a chance to see the scene in dreamy pink, seems opposed to the vast, icy mountains. The house is made mostly of soil, ancient roofs, stone shelves and columns. Belonging to the aristocracy of the ancient Mong ethnic in Northern Polar Regions, the house has a 2-floor lodge divided into many living rooms and bedrooms, and an extra space divided into warehouse, kitchen, a barn livestock and poultry. The special architecture creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

    House Of Pao In Dong Van Plateau 3

    Whenever a guest comes to visit, the kids come rushing out of the house and greet by the innocent eyes. Though the children do not understand the Vietnamese language, and visitors also do not understand Mong’s language, they still communicate well by their friendly smiles.

    For years, when the spring time comes, "Pao's house" is crowded with tourists from all over the world coming to see its wild beauty. The house, and the peaceful Lung Cam village will be the memento of your Vietnam holidays, which reminds you of the grandeur plateau.
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