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    Lighthouse - lamp lit island Coto

    Co To - a beautiful archipelago with more than 40 large and small islands has become an attractive destination and tourist attraction in recent years. Blue sea, fine sand beaches, calm as walking on sunshine coverings enchanting color that probably nobody's gone well all once wanted to go back.

     Lighthouse -  lamp lit island Coto 1

    Arriving in Coto, you can stand on a lighthouse was named the most beautiful lighthouses in the sea of ​​vision. Road to the lighthouse through a natural forest and this can be seen as one of the most poetic way up the mountain in Coto. The two sides are flowers blooming roadside forest, butterfly bee flying, birds pinched von.Treo all 72 stairs of the lighthouse, you can see a beautiful picture of the Gulf of Tonkin to the island shutter overlap between the immense waves, pristine white sand fringing the beach, the green forest overwhelmed, engrossed green fields, the road curved like peach silk caught in the back hills, fishing boats anchored in the inlet.

     Lighthouse -  lamp lit island Coto 2
    Standing on the railing of the lighthouse, you will take in the views all the beautiful island Coto between airspace immense sea. Standing on the lighthouse, you can see in the distance the island of Con Co, a deserted island who footsteps, only the grass and trees, birds and mischievous monkeys. Thanh Lan island nearby is rising like a mountain range with white sand framed.

    Is one of the more than 30 "eyes night sea" is active across the territorial waters of Vietnam., Lighthouse Coto is located on the island of the same name, was built in the late 19th century At the time of inauguration and the following year, the "lighted" spokes to go every night sailing sea by kerosene lamp. Currently, investment lighthouse was lit by solar batteries.

    Visit lighthouses Co, in addition to take in the views stunning views of the island, the sea was wild, peaceful, you will have the opportunity to explore methods rainwater - leverage railing lighthouses "nowhere that "the soldiers here. That is why the discovery of 72 of the tower ladder, you have to go barefoot so as not to dirty rainwater.
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