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Tet 2018
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    Long Tong festival of ethnic Tay in Ha Giang

    Long Tong festival of ethnic Tay’s in Ha Giang traditional folk festival is held on separate dates each year. Crowded festival local people with meaningful participation prayed for good weather, lush crops, filled life.

    Long Tong festival of ethnic Tay in Ha Giang
    Long Tong festival holiday is understood to deal with so many rituals and festivals lively ingredient. Participating in the festival which also has a tray of offerings have boiled chicken, rice cakes, pork, boiled egg, red sticky rice, sticky rice on each plate sticky gold that has a red swallow flits made of paper. Sheet tray is also not only respects people’s spirits rise, but also dream, the desire for life to be cherished and sending. While urging the drums rang out, the wheels also aligned on the largest fields, oracles will read their vows and start hot coals thanksgiving ritual, magic mountain, magic stream,… The cooling water tank, fresh inspiration in the master watershed scales across four lines symbolize the natural mother’s milk grow things. After the formal part of the meeting will begin with a lot of games,unique entertainment shows. Vibrant festival up in the singing Then of the boys, the girl in the village. Games: plowing contest, tug, push sticky are large relative participation. Specifically, throwing the game attracted the attention of many people over. The result was pretty small with tassels have colorful sun came up towards the center of the circle of pink paper pasted on the top sides bending apricot tree about 25m high. Just try games toughness,ingenuity and an opportunity for the boys,girls and also released results that too was given emotional send your through the circle is the winner and the best of luck in the year. Circle is thrown perforation was the beginning of a new year full of fortune overflow in the village spring.

    Folk festivals are at risk of cultural homogeneity but Long Tong festival will forever spring festival is always a meaningful spiritual life of ethnic Tay.
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