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    “Pull baseball” - a unique festival in Ha Giang

    Ha Giang to the last day of October in the lunar tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy festival “pull baseball”-a unique festival brings primitive mysticism of Pa Then ethnic.

    “Pull baseball” - a unique festival in Ha Giang
    Pa Then ethnic groups living in the region is relatively low as in the districts of Quang Binh, Bac Quang, Xin Man and Hoang Su Phi. After rice harvesting season festival “pull baseball” will usually be held on 16-10 lunar year.According to the elders,the teachers took the injection at the festival “pull baseball” very important.The teacher must be good at martial arts,health and exercise at the same time to the baseball mantra is lifted off the ground.A pestle made of a piece of wood about 10cm in diameter,2.5-3m long.Two young people embrace healthy young men in baseball position opposing mentor has also just read the spell rotation baseball.Read up the mantra miracle appeared,the tibia will rotate and fix lifted off the ground.Two,three,then dozens of young people in the same place traction but are not run down,only to have the seal or under the hand on top of the baseball bat is new ground.That is also the time when the festival ends.

    Pa Then the boys participating in the festival always get the message love,admiration of visitors and the girls. The Pa Then ethnic festival ‘pull baseball” is a custom help people happy,relax and pray for good weather,the people are prosperous.Visitors will not be taken aback from the uniqueness of the festival,but also by the beauty of the Pa Then separate.The new guy in the shirt,pants lame leg and white belt with two scarves crossed over the chest.Prominent girls in bright red dresses combined with woven into the fabric stripes and silver jewelery including necklaces,bracelets,earrings,looks beautiful and attractive.

    “Pull baseball” is one of the unique festivals interesting ethnic Pa Then bring the spiritual values and deep rich humanity.
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