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Tet 2018
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    Not known ever since,has a charter,to 27,28 on December people in the village of Ha Giang together to kill pigs. Every two,three houses together slaughter a pig. Pork made into many dishes for Tet, especially one as well spend a little premature heart, part pork to make familiar dishes as sausage.

    sausage 1

    Sausage is a familiar dish in the uplands of the Lunar New Year. Lean and fat pork are main ingredients of chinese sausage. These ingredients are cooked with pepper, honey, sugar and white wine to create a memorable flavor for every foodies from the first taste. To make a hand-to-mouth sausage, you need to focus on the time of soaking meat and the heating level of fire.

    sausage 2

    The materials using to dry the meat and sausage are not easy to find. They must be flower coal, sugar-cane dregs, rice husk, fresh cinnamon leaves. If you use coal, the coal must be made of cinnamon tree-trunk and even better it must be fresh. According to the experts, because of higher gain, many people use beehive coal which is harmful for our health. Many kinds of wood contain toxic that is not safe to use to smoke; it might cause stomachache in some cases. Therefore, to keep us in safe, the cook must use flower coal or the coal made of cinnamon tree-trunks to smoke meat.
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