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    Some ethnic minorities in Ha Giang

    1. Pu Peo ethnic minorities

    Some ethnic minorities in Ha Giang 1

    In Ha Giang province, the Pu Peo, with a small population, live scattered on high mountainous areas along the Vietnam-China border. Different from the H’Mong people who live high on the mountains, the Pu Peo establish their villages on the flat grounds in mountainous areas. They reside in Pho La, Sung Trang and Phu Lung which has a sub-tropical climate. In this natural condition, the Pu Peo can grow wet rice and make use of forests to earn their living. They believe that the success or failure of each family and each individual depends largely on the position of their land and house. That is why their house building process follows very strict religious procedures, from selection of the land, trees for pillars and the building itself to the relocating ceremony.

    2. La Chi ethnic minorities

    Some ethnic minorities in Ha Giang 2

    The typical La Chi house is built on stilts has three apartments and an ancestral altar in the largest apartment. Each household has its own drums and gongs which are used in ritual ceremonies conducted by the head of the family lineage. Children take the family name of their fathers. As part of the wedding presents, the groom's family has to offer the amount of money that was needed to pay for the bride's upbringing. The 7th Lunar Month Festival is the largest and merriest activity of the La Chi culture.

    3. Giay ethnic minorities

    Some ethnic minorities in Ha Giang 3

    Giay people mainly live on planting water rice and farming milpa. Every years, they organized the “Roong Pooc” ceremony to begin their farming season. Giay built pigsties and hen-coops far away from their houses to fields. Their noteworthy handicraft making are weaving and bamboo knitting.

    4. Tay ethnic minorities

    Some ethnic minorities in Ha Giang 4

    The Tay is the second large ethnic minority in Ha Giang, account for 25 percent total population of province. They mainly live on planting wet rice in fields near river, mountain foot and farming slope. Tay villages are usually at mountain foot and include about 15 to 20 houses. They live in house of stilt, thatch roofed houses using palm leaves or grass.
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