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    Sour noodle specialties in Ha Giang

    Ha Giang is well-known for many beautiful landscape and a lot of specialties, one of which is sour noodle salad - a special noodles that attract a lot of visitors.

    Sour noodle specialties in Ha Giang 1

    Ha Giang sour noodles salad is rooted from Chinese which called “luong pan” – means cool noodles. This dish has sour taste that why people like eating it in the summer. In the past, sour noodles salad was cocked in the family’s party as an important part but now, it is more popular and become a specialty for visitors when visiting Ha Giang.

    Sour noodle specialties in Ha Giang 2

    Ha Giang sour noodle recipe is not much difficult, if you want do it yourself, you can read the recipe. The ingredients of this dish include: fried pork, fried duck meat, sausage, vegetables… the main ingredient is rice noodles which have to be fresh and soft.

    Sour noodle eaten with chili,drink a few cups of wine and sat happily chatting in a small shop, exciting atmosphere.
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