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    Tay Con Linh mountain

    Mount Tay Con Linh is at an altitude of 2427 metres, one of Vietnam’s highest mountains and is known as the roof of northeast mountains. Mount Tay Con Linh is located at the west of Ha Giang province. It stretches from Hoang Su Phi to Vi Xuyen district. Although it is not the highest mountain in Vietnam but not easy to conquer compare to the highest Fansipan because not only of the distance but also it is not shaped the road to there yet.

    Tay Con Linh mountain 1

    Along to Mount Tay Con Linh is the residential place of Dao ethnic people living in 11 villages. Their main works for living include rice terraced field cultivation, harvesting and processing ancient Snow Shan tea, growing and harvesting cardamom. To start discovering Mount Tay Con Linh, you should start to explore the life of Dao ethnic people in here. They still maintain the unique culture with craftmen who holding excellent silver carving skill; with Dao ethnic women with traditional hats either on holidays or working on fields and in house; with local markets take place only once a week selling different traditional products. You can enjoy traditional dishes with special cuisines of Dao ethnic people using spices and natural ingredients such as catching fish in the ponds, harvesting vegetables in gardens or forests, pigs and chickens feed by themselves, cardamom or different types of herbs grown in the forests… These dishes are not only clean but also delicious with natural flavor of the mountain and the hospitality of Dao people in here.

    Tay Con Linh mountain 2

    However, you can experience the daily work of Dao ethnic people such as picking tea, processing Shan tea by bare hands, plowing the rice terraced fields… or back to the childhood when swimming in the streams or waterfall, playing with the local children. You can also admire the beautiful  and pristine natural sceneries of the ancient Snow Shan tea which grow naturally on Mount Tay Con Linh. This place is famous with the hundreds years old Shan tea tree – the oldest tea trees area of Vietnam. You can visit the tea forest at altitude of 1500 metres.  The higher you visit, the density of trees are is thicker and stretch longer, hidden in the morning fog, make you feel like being lost in the fairy world.  In addition, you also can have chances to admire the beautiful terraced rice fields in green when local people have just grow or in harvesting season (in September to October), or the cinnamon trees hundreds years old surrounding stilt houses on the mountains.

    Tay Con Linh mountain 3

    More amazing, instead of the boring clock bell, the noise of traffic and bedroom walss, you will experience morning  wake up call  with the cock crowing, bird singing, the sound of wind and early morning fog covering on the mountain, creating a noise of chariots and bedroom walls are cocks crowing, the birds chirping, the wind of weapons, with early morning fog covered on the slopes, creating a captivating spectacle of people.
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