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    Thanh Van corn wine in Ha Giang

    Thanh Van corn wine is the product of the great Mong nation that is now building up a famous brand. Visitors to Ha Giang tour wanted to drink corn wine with thang co or buy Thanh Van wine as a gift.

    Thanh Van corn wine in Ha Giang
    In Ha Giang, Thanh Van capital where production corn wine is very famous, the Mong family cooking wine and to sell at fairs flooded. Thanh Van corn wine should be a unique creation by two factors are water and enamel. Source water cooking wine taken from water high over 1000m above the sea level. Flow of water from the mountain Vietnam-China borer runs through a lot of rocks to Thanh Van, fresh and cold water about 15 degrees combined with excellent enamel create delicious wines famous. Delicious corn wine to ferment must have 36 types of forests leaves chopped mixed with the corn flour, millet flour for 1 night through until white mold then ranks incubated for 2 days and then dried. Corn for alcohol to be crushed,mixed with enamel after then incubated for 2 days and nights and then incubated in jars to take 5-6 days and distillation. Making alcohol through many stages and processes that give the wine a delicious corn so captivating.

    Alcohol Thanh Van is a growing brand and is well known, in the cold lands of fog this cups of wine is the story. Meeting at fairs and drinking a few cups of corn wine lips soft,intoxicating ecstatically in highland sweet taste.
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