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Tet 2018
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    The Tet of Mong people In Ha Giang

    Mong to acquire ethnic of Di (Chine) should have a very particular history. Today the majority of the Mong people ate Lunar New Year as Kinh but still a small portion remains on Tet according to their own calendar system. That’s one of the beauties of ethnic cultures Mong.

    The Tet of Mong people In Ha Giang 1

    Mong began to relax and celebrate from 25, 26 in December. Meanwhile, their style all the tools produced by sticking a piece of paper up and do the holidays with chicken, corn bread and wine. Kinh indispensable on Tet rice cakes but with fellow Mong rice cakes not necessarily in their Tet party. With them,the three indispensable dish on Tet is meat,wine and corn bread. New Year, every home will have a thick cake tray made from glutinous rice seeds by hand Mong grill made. Many of the attendant organizational Mong thick cake. Strap cakes, delicious,beautifully will give “skilled family” applause, compliments from the people and teach them a cake tray made out to reward both simple, rustic that meaningful.

    The Tet of Mong people In Ha Giang 2

    Mong concept crow early in the first day of a new year marks a beginning. Early yesterday, it was the same code with a living pig, a chicken live. After all, people wear new clothes Mong, to comedy and participate in many fun activities like throwing papao New Year, praise dance, umbrella dance, play badminton bird, singing tube, horse racing,… Mong New Year with a festival that is Sai San or Gau Tao social production variation. This is the biggest festival of the year in Mong can last three days or nine days.

    Mong groups have slightly different customs ,but broadly about the rituals are very important. New Year brings the beauty of Mong and demonstrated distinct characteristics in Mong culture festival day.
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