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    Unique naming festival of Co Lao ethnics in Ha Giang

    Co Lao is now ethnic minority who live mostly in Hoang Su Phi district, Yen Minh, Dong Van - Ha Giang. For Co Lao ethnic, each person from birth, grow up and then close your eyes and go to ancestors go through rituals like holiday mature,wedding,burial ceremony as dry ghost,… Among many such ceremonies, ritual naming ceremony was the first in my life each ethnic Co Lao.

    Unique naming festival of Co Lao ethnics in Ha Giang
    Naming ceremony is a cultural, religious rituals important in the life cycle of ethnic Co Lao. With the Co Lao red, the round-month-old baby naming ceremony will begin. The child’s name will be parents, grandparents placed so as not to overlap with the previous generation of the family. Baby before the ceremony started to shave,family rituals gods will look after the child-god flower grill. On the other,with the Co Lao blue and Co Lao white naming children was conducted after three days with solemn ceremonies. Naming ceremony will be present all the members are related to family, clan and community participants.

    During the ceremony,the young family will kill chicken ancestors,except ghost ceremony for young. Mother after the baby shower clean, new clothes will pick you sit near the red-hot stones,each stone is placed on a bunch of wormwood tree. The rocks are sprayed with water to steam,we use the scissors to cut the umbilical cord cut the child into the air three times,working and said “clean it”. That is except for ritual ceremonies to ghost.

    At the naming ceremony,relatives paternal or maternal family must necessarily be present and prepared a gift for baby. The simple gift was a tasty little rice, double rooster roof, a few dozen eggs,…accompanied by the words good luck, good and full of love to win a new member of the family. Co Lao ethnic capital at the festival so named not only brought happiness to families but also is fun for the whole village. After the baptism,the family and the village together eating, singing happy.

    The naming ceremony has become a meaningful beauty and culture is a long tradition and still are kept promoting of ethnic Co Lao.
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