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    Visit Ha Giang province taste eggs rolls

    Ha Giang egg rolls are unique dishes loved by many tourists. As special dishes every morning of visiting Ha Giang. The smell of onions fragrant air of spring with its charming you for an unforgettable gourmet foods.

    Ha Giang egg rolls is a unique dish, different from other specialties in Ha Giang. These are dishes that tourists often choose for their breakfast while traveling to Ha Giang. A "cold dish" eaten with bone Security cup hot broth, you'll feel better in warm belly will be chilly weather in this rocky plateau.

    Visit Ha Giang province taste eggs rolls 1

    Unlike rolls in the delta, just little grain bread with onions and sauce bowl spots along with the soul of Ha Giang egg rolls much more special. Rolls here when coated on the stove was beaten egg and then use the extra layer white cake quite the package back. When would eat a bowl served with hot broth drop in delicious white sausage. Bowl broth egg rolls to eat together there at the spring onions and 2 looks very tasty.

    Sitting up here on a consistent rolls Ha Giang punish any visitors can also catch sight sellers are busy making bread plates for customers. Feeling they waited for the cake and really like hot cake plate. Beside her house bakery, you'll quickly gentlemanly hands smooth dough shell powder onto the canvas and then cover region, not able to respond, then she opened the region and for the hot rolling tasty pie. When nine-layer cake, quickly hit it an egg and use the crusts to cover it.

    Visit Ha Giang province taste eggs rolls 2

    In the meantime, the bread and eggs cooked quickly baker bowl broth ladled preset on the table to the right will bring bread to guests. Just repeating them until the customer is defined. Ethos when you eat egg rolls Ha Giang is to be enjoyed hot, eat right when done. They will not be made available on arrival bread waiting beginners do to eat hot and delicious cakes.

    Ha Giang egg rolls taste very unique, egg yolk on the day, wrapped in a translucent outer layer of chewy chewy dough sponge phase characteristic taste of egg whites. Chopsticks deftly flipping edge'll runny yellow cake nursery, day outflow match. This time must be eaten immediately, quickly put the pie into the hot sauce, bring up mouth melting enjoy a piece of cake, mix together the sauce charming is "already".

    Would not one but two or three disk drive Ha Giang egg rolls not make you bored, eat once but remembered just want to return to enjoy them.
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