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    Weather in Ha Giang, Viet Nam

    Mountains that are beautifully bestowed on the land of Ha Giang are splendid and are quite high. The highest Tay Con Linh point ranges 2,419 m in height. You will come across with quality woods and there are over 1000 kinds of valuable trees which are the best source of medicines available in the primitive forests. This is only because of the climatic condition of the place.

    Wether in Ha Giang, Viet Nam
    The topography of the province of Ha Giang is found to be quite complex as it offers temperate as well as highly localized mountain weather condition that contributes in the creating of the variable weather conditions among different parts of the region. It is witnessed that the average annual temperature of the place is 22.78°C (73°F). It has very impressive and attractive landforms that present the significance of limestone and granite peaks.

    The monthly average temperature of the Province of Ha Giang ranges from 15.48°C which is regarded to be lower in January and it reaches 27.88°C in July which is quite high in this region. The region is divided into three districts. The place gets the opportunity to enjoy two different seasons one is dry and the other is the monsoon which ultimately depends on the altitude of the region. The annual average humidity experienced by the people is nearly 84%.

    The two Northern Indo Chinese climatic zones also influence the climate in this part of the province. The lower zone offers low hills and there is the Lo River Valley and the town of Ha Giang. The annual rainfall estimated in Ha Giang town is nearly 2,430.1 millimeters and the monthly average widely varies from the lowest to 31.5mm which is witnessed in December and 515.6 mm in July. There is really no definite time that can be considered to be the ideal time to visit Vietnam. You can experience sunshine and simultaneously rainfall.
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