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    Wickerwork Traditional Village in Ha Giang

    Wickerwork products made by ethnic minorities in Ha Giang used to develop significantly in the past with a variety of models, and applications that possess unique features of different ethnic minorities. Wickerwork products once surpassed casual uses to a level of the art. Probably, thanks to this, foreign tourists are very fond of brocades made by Ha Giang’s wicker traditional villages.

    Wickerwork Traditional Village in Ha Giang 1

    Due to the living habitat on mountainous area, ethnic people in Ha Giang make full use of natural ingredients to make their tools. Under skillful hands of local people and a complex process, each ingredient would become useful tools such as basket, chest, creel, or box, etc. Using these tools, one may not be worried of termites because they are dried with a special mixture that protects wickerwork from termites.

    Wickerwork Traditional Village in Ha Giang 2

    Let's come to Ha Giang, a place will bring you many interesting and new experience along with the unique cutural of the local people minorities at here.

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