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    Bamboo tree - a symbol of Vietnam

    Bamboo tree exists almost everywhere in Vietnam (though mainly in rural areas). It is a significant symbol in both Vietnamese culture and daily life of Vietnamese. 

    The solid, straight and high bamboo trees represent the resilience, indomitability and bravery of the Vietnamese people. Also, as the bamboo trees often grow in clusters with a strong vitality, it represents the solidarity of Vietnamese people as well as their diligence and loyalty to their homeland. During the war, Vietnamese people sharpened bamboo trees to make weapons to fight against foreign invaders. 

    Bamboo tree - a symbol of Viet Nam

    Now, years later, bamboo trees are used as materials to build houses, make furniture and other useful everyday items. The body of the tree is often treated as a valuable material to build houses and make household equipments such as table, chair, bookshelves or agricultural tools such as shovels, hoes or plows. It has also become a material for interior decorations such as lamps, plates, chopstick and other souvenirs. Specially, these tourists come to Vietnam, they very like and often buy gifts made from bamboo to donate for relatives and friends (chopsticks, hats and souvenirs...)

    Bamboo tree - a symbol of Viet Nam

    Bamboo trees position themselves in the mind of Vietnamese people as an inspiration for cultural and artistic works. Vietnamese children are familiar with many fairy tales involved a bamboo tree like “Cay tre tram dot” (The hundred portion bamboo) or “Thanh Giong” (The story of Giong). Bamboo tree is also used to create many traditional instruments likes flutes, T' Rưng. The famous bamboo dance is well known both in Vietnam and internationally. Until today, bamboo tree remains closely connected to Vietnam's culture.

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