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    Conquering Fansipan mountain in Sapa, Vietnam

    Fansipan Mountain is the highest mountain in Vietnam, it belongs to Hoang Lien Son  Mountain, being far away from Sapa town 9 km in south-west, it is neighboring to Lai Cai province & Lai Chau province of the north-west of Vietnam. According to local people, the name of mountain is “ Hua Xi Pan” means precariously-huge stone.
    conquer Fansipan mountain in Sapa

    History of formation : Fansipan Mountain has formed for 260-250 million years ago, the mountain is higher of 0.032m for each year.

    Characteristics: Fansipan is branded “the Roof of Indochina” at the height of 3,143m; Fansipan Mountain is to be approved as one of the very few eco-tourist spots of Vietnam, with about 2, 024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species. 

    The topography of Fansipan is varied. Muong Hoa Valley, at the lowest altitude (950-1,000m), is created by a narrow strip of land at the base on the east side of the mountain.

    Fansipan conquering the peak: Fansipan Mountain is the place to attract a lot of professional climbers. However, in the past time, it was not easy to conquer Fansipan Mountain, the time is at least of 5-6 days. Nowadays, Fansipan Peak is a familiar name to many climbers. Conquering Fansipan peak can be implemented through Sapa tours provided by a reliable and professional tourism company or by the climbers themselves with the support of the natives. Conquer the Fansipan peak can easier, the time to reach up the top is 1 or 2 or 3 days, that belongs to the climber’s ability. 

    There are three popular routes to conquer Fansipan, with the starting point is Tram Ton pass, Cat Cat ethnic village or Sin Chai; in which Sin Chai route is said to be the most beautiful but the most dangerous also. Almost all tourists choose Tram Ton pass as the starting point of the climb because it is the easiest way. It often takes two or three days to fulfill a conquest of Fansipan.

    If you conquer Fansipan peak from Ha Noi with VietNam Typical Tours, we will operate the trip for 2 days 1 night  for Fansipan mountain.

    Night 1: Hanoi - Laocai: 20h00, tour guide will pick up you at the the hotel in Hanoi transfer to Hanoi Railways Station for the night train to Lao Cai, around 9 hrs on train. You will overnight on the train.
    conquer Fansipan mountain in Sapa

    Day 1:Sapa – Fansipan, The roof of Indochina

    Arrive in Lao Cai around 5:30 a.m. You will take 1 hour van ride uphill to the beautiful town of Sapa. The ride gives you a glimpse of the stunning vistas and impressive rice terraces. Arrival to the hotel you have breakfast at the hotel.

    09h00: After meeting both your guide and driver, we are transferred by car, a short distance of 15km to begin the start of the climb to Fanxipan Mountain. We start the climb at the Park Rangers’ Station at a height of 2,000m. Throughout this climb, we can observe and learn about the local cardamom plants, and the uses they have for this local area. Local birds can also be seen throughout this walk, with seasons varying, and the time of year you visit. As we trek up to the height of 2,200m, we relax with a picnic lunch. We then keep on trekking up to the height of 2,800m, taking in the spectacular views along the way. After setting up camp for the night, dinner is cooked on the campfire. Ready to unwind from the day, you will find yourself sleeping soundly, while nestled in amongst the rugged beauty of the mountains.

    Day 2: Fansipan – Sapa – Hanoi

    We get up early at 6.30-7.00am, we have breakfast together before we undertake the final ascent to the very top of Fanxipan Mountain. Around 10.00-10.30am, we can celebrate the victorious achievement as we arrive at the very top, 3,143m above sea level. Take some time out, as you absorb the combination of the fresh crisp air, and beautiful views while overlooking Sapa town, admiring its thick green forestry landscape. After enjoying the remarkable views, we commence the descent to 2,800m and enjoy a picnic lunch around 1.30pm. Feeling revitalised after the break, we trek back down to Tram Ton Pass at 2,000m, where our driver awaits and we are transferred back to Sapa Town.
    Back to hotel and have dinner before get bus back to Lao Cai train station before get night train back Hanoi.

    Note: Best months to trekking to Fansipan Peak is October through April. Some people say April and May are best as it’s warmer with the flowers are in bloom.

    If you would like to get more information for conquer Fansipan mountain in Sapa, please contact us :

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