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    Do you have know dish "Reu Nuong (grilled moss)" - Special Food in Ha Giang ?

    Traveling Ha Giang will offer visitors many exciting experiences because Hà Giang owns not only majestic natural landscapes, endless winding roads but also the beauty of flowers, the hospitality of local people and a lot of culinary specialties. In this article VietNam Typical Tours will introduce dish Rêu Nướng (grilled moss) of Hà Giang land that have become famous and I myself have tried during our Ha Giang adventures. If you have a chance to visit this region just don't forget to taste it.

    Reu Nuong (grilled moss)
    Moss from rock has been considered a kind of aquatic plant. But for the Tay people in Xuan Giang commune, Quang Binh district, stone moss is a special dish.The food processed from stone moss is also call Que, this is a tasty and nutritious dish with unique flavour. According to local people, when they go looking for moss they usually go to large fields where moss is plenty and tasty, moss is washed thoroughly until it is free from sand, moss then can be processed into different dishes. Moss can be cooked in different dishes such as fried, dried however the most delicious and original grilled with difference spices.

    As a unique dish of Tay ethnic people in Ha Giang Province, grilled moss has its own taste. For a delicious grilled moss, Tay ethnic people often choose the youngest moss patches, skillfully separate the slime on the outside then mix them with some spices as salt, season, eryngo leaves… All are wrapped in leaves then grilled. Tay people say "Que chi ap, tap chi ho", means moss should be grilled on charcoal. When the moss is grilled you don't spin the bag of moss but grill one side of the bag then the other side, when tapping the bag with two fingers and feel soft inside then the moss is ready. Since the moss is seasonal so in addition to processing fresh moss people also dry the moss, put in the kitchen to make food reserves. Specially, this dish is good for health, so it is loved by many people.

    So, we believe that when yoi come in Ha Giang sure you will be captivated by this delightful dish. :)

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