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    Discover the wonderful beauty of terraced fields in Ha Giang

    When autumn comes and the weather is cool, with light winds, it is the time to see terraced fields covered with ripening yellow rice in northern Vietnam. In Ha Giang, the rice terraces be regarded as a Cultural Treasure of the Ha Giang  and are considered to be the Natural Wonder of the World.

    Creating terraces on the slopes is one of the most popular forms of cultivation in many countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, and in some provinces in the South of China.

    In Vietnam, many ethnic groups living in Northern mountainous region also cultivate on terraced rice fields like La Chi, Ha Nhi, Mong, Dao, Nung... Each minority has its own formation and development process of producing on various terraces, habits, ways of farming as well as the rituals and beliefs of agriculture. And in Ha Giang, the terraces were first constructed as a practical solution to the problem of growing rice on land that falls away in front of you at vertigo-inducing angles. Farming in the area is carried out much the same way it was carried out hundreds of years ago. The terraces are carved in the mountains were done by hand.

     terraced fields in Ha Giang

    The farmers here like excellent irrigation engineers because they can build a very intelligent system to lead water from water source to provide enough water for the terraces which run till the top of the mountain. At the water source, a bank of the top terrace is opened so that water can run into the field. Then each succeeding terrace will have an open place for the water to run down. It is an amazing scene when you see the silver water running down to all of the terraces. When there is enough water, they can harrow and then replant the rice in each field. This is a very busy and interesting time with all of the different kinds of activities of the hill tribe people. And tourists can not stop their admiration when witness the scene.

    water poured season in Ha Giang

    Specially, in August and September, when the rice fields start being ripe, Ha Giang will be covered by the golden colour of ripen terraces. Ravishing moment and it will enchant whoever comes here.

    the golden colour of ripen terraces

    Do you want to Ha Giang travel to enjoy the beauty of the terraces? Please contact VietNam Typical Tour to arrange the best way for trip

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