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    Durian fruit (Sầu Riêng) - typical fruit in southern Vietnam.

    Durian is unique fruit with the thick and rough skin, covered with sharp thorns. At first, one may find durian’s smell extremely unpleasant (to the extent that most airlines have to ban passengers from carrying this fruit on board). Yet if you can eat it, you will love it. Just after cutting the edge of the outer sell gently, one will be fascinated by layers of bright yellow segments of meat shining like butter. It has the special flavor of well-kept honey and rich in nutrition. Literature writer Mai Van Tao once wrote about the particularly good smell of the durian. He wrote, "The dense fragrance which spreads near and far, lingers a long time before disappearing. The strong smell can go straight to your nostrils, even though you are still several meters away from the fruit. The fragrance of durian is a mixture of smells which come from a ripening jackfruit and that of a shaddock. It can also be compared to the strong smell of foreign-made cheese and is rich as a hen's egg. Others describe the fruit as sweet as well-kept honey. All things considered, durian has a special tempting smell.Those who have not enjoyed the fruit before may find it hard to eat. But once they have tried it, they are likely to seek it again."

    Durian (Sầu Riêng) - typical fruit in southern Vietnam.

    In Viet Nam, the fruit bears a quite austere name. You may wonder why this fruit has to bear such an austere name as "sau rieng" (one's own sorrows). If you are curious enough, travel to the orchard province in southern Viet Nam where the locals are likely to recite the immortal love story: long ago, there was a young couple that lived in the region. Because of social prejudices that could not be overcome, the couple sought their own deaths in order to be faithful to each other. Their own sorrows received the population's sympathies, and the story of their tragedy has been handed down from generation to generation. To commemorate the couple, the locals have named one of their most valuable fruits sau rieng.

    Durian (Sầu Riêng) - typical fruit in southern Vietnam.

    You have think that would to Viet Nam, exploring the garden durian and taste this fruit ?

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