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    Enjoy Barbecue Sapa in cold weather - Have you try yet?

    Sapa is not only famous for beautiful romantic sceneries and sightseeing but also attractive with a wide range of delicious dishes handmade by the locals. Today, VietNam Typical Tours will introduce one dishes which are many travellers prefer, as a guide for you when you have a chance to resort to Sapa.
    barbecue Sapa

    Sapa Barbecues  is the most famous delicacy of Sapa since tourists all come here to enjoy the hot and tasty barbecue with many different local ingredients in the middle of the typical cold weather of Sapa.

    The cold weather in Sapa is compatible to the appreciation of barbecued food in Sapa. The pungency of grilled dishes there can make you warm and blushed. Numerous ingredients are integrated in order to serve you a perfect barbecue party. Of course, you will start by some grilled meat such as pork with Meo’s spinach and beef with enoki mushroom. Then, provide yourself with carbohydrates by having grilled yams, eggplants or corns. If you like fast-food, barbecued sausages and grilled chicken wings should be the best choices. Salmon can even become a barbecue if you order the servants in advance. All of the meat, fish and vegetables ... seem to blend in perfectly that create an unique taste of Sapa. 

    Barbecue stalls in Sapa are located everywhere in the street, in front of the old stoned church, in the alleys, markets or even at the famous Silver waterfall… Set up with some of the grilling equipments and few tables & chairs for customer, these stalls are considered mini roadside BBQ restaurants.

    About the prices, the total payments for a couple can be maximally $10, for a group of four or five members to be $25. Grilled dishes are appropriate for hanging out and chatting. You can find a lot of street restaurants when walking along the street in Sapa town. This is truly a unique experience that only Sapa can offer.

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