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    Have you try the feeling of sleeping at homestay in Sapa, yet ?

    Unlike feeling when in the center hotel, the houses of the local people immersed with nature, the mountains hills will bring you a different feeling. Enjoy picture of a peaceful and romantic Sapa, no amenities and luxurious as hotels popular ...Instead, Viet Nam Typical Tours want to introduce to you  the feeling of sleeping at homestay in Sapa. That will make you have a more wonderful trip in thinking. 
    Sapa, Viet Nam

    A  homestay is an overnight stay in someone’s house. In the case of Sapa, that house is likely to be the home of a Hmong or Red Dao family. 

     sleeping at homestay in Sapa

    After a day of sightseeing around the town of Sapa, you'll be taken to a house of local people near the town of Sapa and have a over night at the homestay. In here, you will join in the lifestyle of the people local to learn life and unique culture of the people in Sapa. Guests will be treated as a member of the family, are engaged in everyday activities such as: cooking by fire,  dinner together, talked with key members of the family,  playing with the local children, or dressing up in the local costumes., take a other activities... . The visitors will be asked to respect the family's own principles.

     sleeping at homestay in Sapa

    Meals at homestay  are also differences with the hotel:  Food mainly is local cuisines of her children. That's in addition to upland vegetables, fish in the pond, chicken pig of the family can raise.  All the traditional dishes of the ethnic minority ; very simple but profound impression with visitors. Through such meals, between tourists and local people as close and understand each other better. Also, visitors can also see more clearly the simple life, naivete of indigenous ethnic minorities.

    However, to provide homestay accommodation, you must be registered with hosts . And not any homestay,  you can also stay overnight. Because to be registered for travelers sleep at over night, a home must have a flush toilet, be clean and tidy, have bedding with a mosquito net and, most importantly, be hygienic — hosts must undertake food hygiene training and pass an exam. It’s likely that you’ll stay in a room that has been added to a traditional house, which is unlikely to have separate rooms. This gives both hosts and guests some privacy and space.

    Some of which visitors can choose the form of very interesting sleep homestay such as:  Ta Phin, Lao Chai, Ta Van, Bac Ha, Ban Ho, Cat Cat,.... Homestay sleeping form, the foreign visitors will experience a lot of interesting things when living together and learn the way of life of ethnic minority people. Away from the hustle, bustle, and honking in nearby towns, village life is quite peaceful. With nothing but the occasional clucking chicken, quacking duck, and grunting water buffalo to cut the silence, you will thoroughly appreciated the tranquil atmosphere in here. 

     sleeping at homestay in Sapa

    Come in Sapa, to enjoy  the beauty and peace of nature dreamer, you  will have a trip ideal. Sapa tours is ready welcoming you, and you ready?

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