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    Khau Vai love market festival in Ha Giang - beauty of love

    Khau Vai commune, located in Meo Vac district, the northernmost province of Ha Giang, is home to ethnic minority groups of Giay, Nung and Muong. The love market festival is held on lunar March 26th and 27th with the participation of a large number of locals. The festival features food and drink culture, song performances and folk games. Ethnic costumes, jewelery, ethnic musical instruments, culture and art publications are on display at the market, reflecting activities of the local people.
    Khau Vai love market festival in Ha Giang - beauty of love

    Unlike any other markets, Khau Vai Love Market is extraordinary and remarkable because the people coming here do not sell or buy any goods.  Instead, it is the dating place for ex-lovers who fell in love but could not have a marriage

    It can be said that the beauty & power of love is the basic factor to maintain the existence of Khau Vai love market for such a long time. In the market area, there are two temples called Ong and Ba (Mr and Mrs) temples. According to legend, Khau Vai love market came after an unhappy ending love story when a young couple from two tribes was in deep love however their love was broken because of difference and hatred between their tribes, the boy and the girl parted however promised to meet again one time a year at Khau Vai peak on the lunar 27th March. Since then, the market in Khau Vai has become a festival for local people come and meet, young and old people dance, sing tribal songs, drink wine and eat traditional Thang Co soup, overtime people from different groups such as Tay, Nung, Dzao also join the market and made it a popular activity for people in the remote north of Vietnam.
    Khau Vai love market festival in Ha Giang - beauty of love

    The Khau Vai love market is now so popular that it has become a tourist attraction for domestic and foreign visitors. Some of the other activities at the festival are a trade-tourism fair and a performance on the ritual of rain-worship of the ethnic Lo Lo people. There is also a ceremony to receive the certificate recognizing the festival as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage.’ Folk games such as shuttlecock, Ferris wheel, see-saw and cock-fighting are a part of the love market as well. Local cuisine and the beautiful highland girls in their traditional costumes are an added attraction. Nowhere else in the world has an entire festival been created around the simple act of meeting one’s ex-lover, with no awkwardness whatsoever.

    If you want to explore the Khau Vai love market, please visit the following link for more information: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/location/ha-giang-tours/

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