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    Why you should have one night at homestay when traveling Sapa

    Sapa is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. So, why not opt for a two or three day experience incorporating homestays in the villages of your choice. What better way to expose yourself to the cultures and colour of Vietnam's ethnic minorities on a trek through terraced rice paddies, bamboo groves and traditional villagesall. Today, VietNam Typical Tours will give you the reasons you should have one night at homestay when traveling Sapa.

    homestay in Sapa

    Fresh atmosphere of nature with feeling the most peaceful: At homestay in Sapa so different than the cities, so if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle that you find in the likes of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi for a bit, Sapa is the complete opposite. The scenery is just stunning! In here you will feel fresh atmosphere of nature with feeling the most peaceful.

    homestay in Sapa

    Interesting experiences with people local: Sure, you can get a taste of the Vietnamese culture by strolling down the streets and reading a guidebook, but staying with a family will allow you to see the behind-the-scenes moments that most tourists just don’t get to see. Living with a local host gives you insight and perspective on how they really live, act, and feel by being fully immersed in their culture. This is something you just can’t experience from staying at a hotel.

    And if you’re staying at a homestay though, you can skip the formalities because the hosts will be the one preparing the meals! But if you’re up for it, try offering to help them prepare the food or ask them to teach you their recipes. This will help strengthen your friendship and make the experience even more extraordinary. And, of course, you will learn some delicious recipes to take home!

    homestay in Sapa

    Insider tips: Not only will you be able to see how these amazing ethnic minority cultures live, but also, chances are, if you build a friendship with them, they will let you in on some insider tips and secrets. Getting to know the locals can give you the opportunity to really enhance your experience abroad. If you’re new to a culture, you may not know where to start, what to do, or where to go. That’s where they come in. Ask your hosts for their thoughts and advice on what things you can do while you’re there, and you might just discover the best pho spot ever…

    Cost:  If stay at hotel in Sapa, you’ll have pay $18-$127 per night. But if you stay at homestay, you will pay $10-20 per night, and that’s with meals included and you can stay home of a Hmong or Red Dao family! Food and accommodation as a package when living at a homestay costs a fraction of what you would pay for at a hotel (depending on the hotel). That leaves a lot more room to splurge on other things, like authentic handicrafts made by the local women as souvenirs for your friends and family back home!
    We think if you stay at homestay, you will have more interesting experiences.

    Specially, by picking the right homestay, you will also be contributing your bit to the local communities and villages. Their facilities aren’t as well developed as those you would find in Vietnam’s cities, so the money locals get from opening up their homes to visitors helps them a lot. It felt good to be able to help out, if even in only a small way! You could even lend a hand in the rice fields to understand how much hard work it is while staying with a homestay in Sapa.

    # Note: be respectful to your hosts and their culture. You may experience culture shock when you're there, but as long as you stay open-minded, you will have an incredible time!

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